Tonight! Microsoft E3 Conference: Watch And Read Here

Well folks, E3 is about to kick off in earnest, and the first on the agenda is the Microsoft conference which starts at roughly 2am tonight AET. We'll have a live stream you can watch here on the site but we'll also be live blogging events as they occur. In real time [/jackbauer] . If you happen to be one of those insane people who enjoys staying up late for inevitable disappointment and bouts of uncontrollable rage, feel free to join us!

We'll also be liveblogging the other major conferences as they occur. I promise to be as interesting as possible.

But while we wait - what are your expectations for the Microsoft conference? Hopes? Dreams...

I kind of want a Halo remake, but on the other hand I can't think of anything worse - if that makes any sense.

To be perfectly honest I'm just looking to see some genuinely intriguing new IP, or even just something that surprises me.


What about you guys?


    My brain is hardwired for nintendo at the moment so I haven't really been paying attention to what Microsoft have on the agenda.

    Perhaps a real (non-casual) gaming use for Kinect that will make me want to buy one.

    I'm just hoping it's better than last year's conference. What did they do again? Oh yeah, focused on Kinect and for like the entire show and then gave everybody in the audience free Xbox 360 Slims. Actually, this year doesn't look that much better. By the sounds of it they'll be giving Gears of War 3 more attention (and we already know what to expect) and if rumours are anything to go by then they'll be announcing more XBL media serices which nobody in Australia seems to use anyway.

    I think Nintendo will steal the show once again with their unveiling of their new console and Sony will come a close second with all their attention to the NGP.

      "they’ll be announcing more XBL media serices which nobody in Australia seems to use anyway"

      Surely you mean "they’ll be announcing more XBL media serices which nobody in Australia seems to GET anyway"?

        So long as it doesn't look like a Klu Klux Klan rally... that's a win for me.

          Hey now it can't have been racist, the xbox 360 slim is black

          Looked more like a suicide cult. Heh they should have handed out special red rings

    Halo is great IP but I'm so over the FPS genre at the moment. I would love to wake up in the morning to find out that the Halo thing they will be revealing is actually something I will want to buy and play.

    How's this going to work?
    Just going to throw each conference up as a new article?
    Don't have a 360, but I'll probably be up for EA's. I'm not going to be particularly sharp at 5:30 AM, but I might be able to manage jumping on a Kotaku article in my dishevelled state.

    ...oh, and of course Microsoft will be paying some of their attention to Forza 4. A frachise which we're all too familiar with. In my opinion we shouldn't be getting a sequel so soon. They should have waited till next gen. As good as the frachise is, they're milking it way too fast.

    Haha, yes correction. Microsoft will be announcing more XBL media serices which nobody in Australia seems to GET anyway.

    A HD bundle of Halo and Halo 2 would be sensational.

      Yeah, MS haven't really jumped on the remake-last-gen-games bandwagon yet...
      But then again, I've never played Halo 1&2, so I'm in on that idea.

    ne one now if it will be on foxtel (FOX 8HD) again like last year

    I am longing to be surprised. I don't think Microsoft has the juice to do it.
    Currently my money is on Nintendo's new console.

    While I will be surprised if Microsoft makes the kinect a required peripheral for Mass Effect 3, it will be torch-and-pitchfork surprise, rather than take-my-firstborn surprise.

    Want to clarify, 2am Tuesday? As in, in 8~ hours? If so, I'm going to bed now, and waking up for this, work and all.

    "If you happen to be one of those insane people who enjoys staying up late for inevitable disappointment and bouts of uncontrollable rage, feel free to join us!"

    I stayed up to support Federer in his inevitable French Open loss to Nadal last night. So this description applies to me perfectly! But unfortunately, I think I'll be passing in favour of sleep this time.

      I didn't even stay up for Murray's inevitable loss to Nadal in the semis. Kudos.

    I'm in! Hoping to see a Halo:CE remake and maybe some Halo 4 footage. I really dislike reach at the moment. =P

    But a new IP would be nice, along with some Xbox 720 info. =]

    I was all prepared for this, but thought it was a day later! I'll be at work when this is streaming :( otherwise I would definitely be watching this. I guess that's yet another con of being a shift worker. At least I've got some days off starting tomorrow so I'll be able to watch the Sony and Nintendo Conferences.

    If Microsoft make this years E3 about the Kinect, they will fail hard. The Kinect is the most gimmicky, most tacky, most blatant cash grab.

    Wish I didn't have a job =(

    Microsoft are going to show off the updated Dance Central game which they have been working on with Harmonix. This is special because the Avatars / Dancers in the game are taking on Isomorphic features and can be used with Avatar Kinect and incorporated into other games available through the Dance Central Store. Expect beach volleyball and a Karate game as Dance Central DLC

    Though I'm interested in what Microsoft have in store at this keynote I think I'll miss the live stream and catch up tomorrow morning.

    Unless I'm awake at 2am thanks to playing games I'll catch the video elsewhere in the morning

    Am highly bloody excited for the microsoft event!


    is on my mind!

    I'm hoping for a peek at a next generation system from Microsoft with a stack of new IP's for it. Current consoles are getting a bit long in the tooth. Thus I'm more excited for Nintendo's conference. I can't wait to see what their new console looks like, what its called and what it can do. I LOVE new gadgets!

    i'm defs gonna be watching!
    although i'll be using gametrailers stream, since that works on my ipod, so i'll be snuggly in bed while raging!

    Surely Microsoft is going to announce skype intergration in xbox360 + kinnect and win 7 phones.

    I hope it's not all about Kinect, like last year's conference. I want to see something on the upcoming Alan Wake game, and maybe some MW3 gameplay. :3

      Oh come now, the story in kinect sports is a fair few notches higher than Alan Wake.


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