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Sneaking in before Sony, but after EA's pre-show, uh, show, is big ol' Redmond. Those Xbox guys. Or just Microsoft. It'll have a few announcements to get through at E3 this year and you'll be able to see them all, right here.

As our handy schedule infographic shows, things kick-off for the software giant on 12 June at 7am. That's 0500 AWST / 0630 ACST / 0700 AEST / 0900 NZST, for those watching at home around the country.

If you can't watch live, but want to follow along anyway, here's our liveblog:

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As you'd expect, it'll be watchable via Microsoft's Xbox channel on Twitch, which we've embedded helpful below. That means you can watch and discuss announcements at the same time. Technology!

Microsoft is also streaming the whole event through Mixer - that's their new service, after they had to rename Beam - in up to 4K. You can watch that here, and there's also a YouTube stream:

So, what will Microsoft have on show? Project Scorpio is the big one — we'd be shocked if we didn't finally get hard details about the thing. Master Chief-related activities should be expected and we might even get a peek at Microsoft's PC plans, be it competing (or working with) the likes of Steam.

We'll see Forza running at 60fps in native 4K, and Bioware also confirmed there would be a full gameplay reveal of Anthem. I hear the expectations are something like Mass Destiny: Titanfall or something. Sea of Thieves and Crackdown should also make an appearance, and I'd be stunned if we didn't see one or two Australian games in the inevitable [email protected] montage.

What do you hope to see from the company? Let us know!

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