Community Review: Wipeout Omega Collection

Community Review: Wipeout Omega Collection

E3 attracted plenty of attention, but there’s also been a fair few games released over the last couple of weeks worth looking at. And one of those was the return of a PlayStation classic, something that the PS4 felt a little naked without: WipEout.

The WipEout Omega Collection is basically a remastering of WipEout 2048, as well as all the content PS3 owners enjoyed in WipEout HD and Fury. Not much has changed structurally: each three games have a series of cups that you work through, one or two races at a time.

The original looks have been maintained from game to game, with the main addition being 4K and HDR support. WipEout was always the kind of game that looked amazing on a TV in a retail store somewhere: it’s fast, sharp, vibrant.

There’s not much else to say beyond that. If you’re a WipEout fan like I am, then the remastered collection gives you the games you remembered with the same level of polish and sheen as when they were first released. The main criticism is that more could have probably been added to the game, like another track for multiplayer or some kind of cross-over between the three games.

Otherwise, it looks great and plays exactly the way it used to. Basically, it’s WipEout.

For those who have picked up the anti-grav racer, how have you found the WipEout Omega Collection?


  • Had a big dumb smile plastered all over my face as soon as my first race began, so its definitely Wipeout. Probably in the running for my favourite game of the year so far. It’s just so satisfying nailing a perfect lap on the higher speeds.

    Only downside is that the soundtrack is a little lacking and seems more catered towards EDM’s recent trends, rather than the brain melting trance and techno they previously had. I mean Wipeout 3, with Xpander on repeat, was straight videogame crack.

  • Love it so much.

    Friday night I had a couple of bongs and sat down for some zone events, it was so satisfying.

  • Enjoyable faithful port, and great we can play 2048 on a console now.

    That being said, have always missed the very precise flight model from 2097 and to a lesser extent, 3.

    • If you’ve got Steam, check out BallisticNG. It’s free, has a ton of content (official and workshop), and looks (and plays) exactly like 2097 and Wip3out.

    • I still have 2097 and prefer the way the new game handles. Maybe it’s just because it’s 60FPS and touching the sides doesn’t instantly stop you

      • Its the airbreaks and the slight resistance to turning (future games either twitched when rudder was applied, or tended to oversteer) that makes the early games what they were for me. It gave a very methodical method taking corners that I feel later games didn’t have.

        Oh well, BallisticNG and Mednefan take care of that need I guess.

        • Not heard of either before. Going to try BallisticNG now.
          Can’t find anything about Mednefan, no idea what that one is

          • It’s a fairly accurate Playstation 1 emulator with GPU acceleration, good upscaling and filters, and Z buffer emulation (which gets rid of the ‘wobbly polygon’ effect PSX’s had).

            If your ever going to use it, use the RetroArch core version of it rather than straight Mednefan (as in its straight form, its a PITA to setup).

          • pcsx-reloaded has Z buffer emulation support too, in the form of the PGXP plug-in. Works an absolute treat, and looks amazing. Blows my mind just what a difference eliminating most of the wobbly stuff does for a game, especially for something with the clean lines and stylish geometry of the WipEout games!

            EDIT: And I agree too – those physics from the OG trilogy, especially 2097/3 are what I pine for. The newer games are awesome, but I don’t get the same satisfaction from the controls as I do the original games. That’s why I love BallisticNG – it’s got the same physics, and it’s only a matter of time before ports of the courses start showing up in the workshop. The soundtrack kicks ass, and with the added custom soundtracks, it’s just like it was in the old days, but with frame-rates and resolutions far beyond.

  • Felt like I was home again. I love this game.

    All I need now is a katamari game in 4k hdr and my ps4 will feel complete

  • Haven’t played since 2097 on the PS1 and I have to same what a comeback. Have gotten through 2048 and 2049 campaigns, but the A Class racers in 2050 are really embarrassing me. I even had to turn on the assists for one race because there were no edges and I kept falling off.
    Enjoying it a lot, but it needs more Firestarter by Prodigy

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