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E3 attracted plenty of attention, but there's also been a fair few games released over the last couple of weeks worth looking at. And one of those was the return of a PlayStation classic, something that the PS4 felt a little naked without: WipEout.


There's no anti-gravity racing quite like WipEout, unless you're an F-Zero fan. But what if you want a taste of speed, but you can't play the latest WipEout? What if your main console is a Switch, or you skipped the most recent console generation entirely? Fortunately, there's plenty of alternatives for those who need to go at subsonic speeds.


Unsurprisingly for the week before E3, there's fewer than normal games out this week. But what is coming out is worth a look, especially if you like going around tracks real fast.

Why? Because it's WipEout week.


Echoing Mark's thoughts, I've a good feeling that quite a few of the year's best titles will be the ones that we simply haven't heard of. Take the Nintendo Switch: nobody knows what's landing on that this year. And then every year has little indies that pop up out of nowhere, like Stardew Valley last year, or Her Story the year before that.

With that in mind, here's the games that we do know about - and the ones I'm most excited for.