The Best Bargains From The PlayStation Winter Sale

The Best Bargains From The PlayStation Winter Sale

The PlayStation is having a winter sale: here’s some of the best bargains.

As always, you’ll get a slightly better discount if you’re an active PS+ subscriber (although most people are just for multiplayer, and/or the free monthly games). Prices below are what’s offered for PS+ subscribers by default, unless it’s just a general discount for all users.

And there’s a ton of cracking discounts: SUPERHOT is basically a must-buy for ~$13, Horizon too if you haven’t played it, the Uncharted Collection for bugger all and WipEout for a very handy $20.

A ton of good deals there. I quietly like Naruto Shippuden Ultimate 3 at ~$12 — it’s basically watching an anime, with the filler replaced by fights that you get to control. Good for fans of the anime/manga. Outside of that, Just Cause 3 is nice and cheap and should run well on the PS4 Pro, while The Lost Legacy is well worth it at that price.

You can browse more games either through your PS4/PS4 Pro directly or through the site here.


  • Resident Evil 7 Gold Edition is on sale too for $39.95.

    Better value than just buying the base game. Gold Edition will come with End of Zoe DLC as well.

  • I need more games like I need a new hole in my face, but Nioh at that price is incredibly, incredibly tempting ($18/$31 for game/game+dlc)…

    The knowledge that it will also be that price/cheaper in the (inevitable) winter sale – by which time I probably wouldn’t have started it yet – makes me pause for at least a second too. Hmm.

  • might be time for me to try out no mans sky and basically go against what 99.9 percent of the internet has told me to do

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