What Are You Playing This Weekend?

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Most of my weekend will actually be spent catching up on sleep. But when I'm not in the throws of E3 or resting, there's two games in particular that I'm rather keen on.

Funnily enough, for someone who doesn't have a license, I really like driving games.

The DiRT series, therefore, doesn't seem like it'd be something I'm interested in. I can't drive in the real world. I don't own a racing wheel. I'd be more likely to buy a HOTAS setup (actually, I've had to stop myself several times from doing so). But there's something about Codies take on DiRT that I've always really gotten into.

I think it stems from one of my favourite games as a kid: Network Q RAC Rally Championship. There's a challenge to rally racing, a test of endurance and concentration, that always appealed to me. The fact that DiRT 4 is more like the original games, and less like the X-Games fuelled mania, helps a lot in that regard too.

The other game is a racer as well: WipEout. I haven't gotten gold medals on all of the tracks yet, but I'm slowly working my way through. WipEout was one of my favourite games from the PS3 era, and it's funny that it launched in a week where you had a Sega executive asking why the hell people would want to play old games.

It's a funny world sometimes.

What are you playing this weekend?


    Just finished my Darksiders Warmastered edition play-through, so back to some more Witcher 3 (nearly finished all Skellige quests) until I need another break and start Darksiders II Deathinitive edition.

    Friday the 13th.

      any good? I'm so intrigued..

        Literally only just got it.

        Can anybody else chime in? I wouldn't mind some pointers myself. Open to the prospect of playing a few games with Kotaku folk too.

          a friend has it and is hooked but personally it looks pretty janky

    Prey, and maybe some Everspace as that recently hit 1.0...

    1. *throes. You're in the throes of E3.

    2. Getting my nostalgia on, with the Morrowind expansion of TESO. Because Morrowind.

    just plugging along FFXIV

    though I heard the new ME:A patch just launched so maybe i should go back and start a new game to see what's change since ?1.05? can't remember what the first patch was

    Hmmm, Watch Dogs, I think.

    Also, Code: Realize - Guardian of Rebirth

    (it's pretty good!)

    Oh, and Yokai Watch on 3DS

    (also @alexwalker it's 'throes')

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    Alex, can you give us some initial thoughts on Dirt 4? My group of mates loved Dirt 1 & 2, but didn't enjoy Dirt 3.

      It's much more DiRT 2 than DiRT 3 so far, but I'm only a few hours in.

      I'm liking it. Note: I'm a full casual at these sorts of things. I'll turn the AI up to the hardest settings, but I'm still driving automatic etc.

        I'm guessing you didn't like Dirt Rally? That game was haaaaard and I love the dirt games no assist, manual

          Didn't get anywhere near as much time with it as I would have liked, but the brief time I spent with it was pretty good. I'm a bit of a masochist in that I'll just keep retrying and retrying a track until I get the best time. Spent like 30 hours on Project CARS until I got the fastest time on Bathurst with a gamepad (at launch anyway, then I stopped playing).

    I will finish Dragon Age Inquisition this weekend, I will.

    I hope.

      unless you're super OCD or dead set on every lore tidbit, maybe skipping some of the literal fetch quest (like there's one where you're basically looking for letters by riding from part A of a zone to Part B)

      also you can clock hack the table quests easily on PC. just start a quest then switch your computer clock forward by X hours (where X is greater then your mission time, I normally just do 24 or 48 hours haha)

    Probably more PUBG, and a bit more Horizon Zero Dawn, then spending far too much time consuming E3 news.

    Killing Floor 2. Hadn't even heard of it until a week ago but its a Blast. Good dumb fun, especially with mates.
    Also double XP weekend for Overwatch. So ill be accumulating more duplicates from loot crates...

    Where all my Vietcong at?? Rising storm 2: Vietnam this weekend with alittle polishing of Skyrim

    Persona 5 will be completed this long weekend. I'm up to Shidos ship and this feels like the main villain. After that i can finally start Horizon Zero Dawn. Hopefully ill be getting the switch soon too so i can try out breath of the wild.

    Oh man! @alexwalker you're alright in my books! Network Q Rally was one of my fav games! Most people I speak to haven't even heard of it, but I loved that game so much! Only thing that's really come close since has been DiRT Rally!

    As for me this weekend, Quake Champions when it opens up again no doubt! Also likely some Spelunky, Shoppe Keep, and Car Mechanic Simulator 2015. Possibly other stuff too, but who knows at this stage!

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    Thinking I might pick up Persona 5...

    Just finished Batman: a Telltale Series (so good) and I have Michonne to go, then both Wolfenstein games (not loving them...)

    Might pick up Andromeda again.

    Lots of Tekken and Injustice 2. I got a nice fresh bag of fun to light up while playing the Wipeout Fury part of the Omega collection, it is a shame it doesn't natively support custom music like PS3 did.

    Got a google daydream, trying some stuff out with that. First impressions, I need to get used to turning my head rather than move my eyes. Managed to stream minecraft to the phone as a cardboard from the pc, todays challenge is to make it work in the daydream viewer.

    I'm playing host. The in-laws are up from Tassie this weekend. Might get some light LEGO Marvel's Avengers in if everyone goes to bed early one night.

    Back on the Watch Dogs train this week.

    Last night, I procrastinated playing it for an hour, then when I finally jump in, I spent 10 minutes driving to the mission start point, only to get out of the car and have it bug out and start shooting continuously like there was a key stuck down. Reloaded the save, same exact thing happened. Reloaded again, got in a car and then got out, happened again. Had to quit and reload the entire game to get it to stop. On the plus side, it actually remembered my preferred settings this time around! I've had o change them every time I opened the game until now (about 15 times.) progress!

    I think I'm gonna hate myself for it, but I need to play it through.

    Just got my Dreamcast back online, so probably sinking some time into Phantasy Star 2 online! And also some Jet Set Radio......

    Tough one. I have just got my main in Destiny to 400. Might try a pick up raid or two or get my others to 400 as well, but then Overwatch has double xp weekend and then I have a baby Warden in ESO Morrowind. Head explodes.

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    Farpoint challenges and attempting to beat the first boss in Dick Wilde
    That game is ridiculously hard!

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