Dirt 3 Gets Dirty (And Dangerous)

The DiRT franchise has been one of the most consistent racers this generation and, to continue pushing the series forward, Codemasters has dipped into racing history, integrating the notorious 'Group B' discipline to the game. Group B is infamous for being one of the most dangerous rally style in the history of the sport, and was banned in the mid 80s.

“The legendary Group B cars are some of the most sophisticated rally cars ever built,” claimed Paul Coleman, Senior Games Designer on DiRT 3. “Their raw power and unbridled speed make them a real challenge. They definitely separate the men from the boys.”


    Really looking forward to Dirt3. Loved Dirt 2 and played it to death.

    Literally. Death. I'm now a zombie.

      I second that notion, McTavish. I played DiRT 2 to death as well, even though I was disappointed by the fact that the rally stages had been cut down dramatically. But now they are bringing back the rally stages in spades for DiRT 3, and it will be all the better for it.

      ...good trailer as well.

      It's fitting that Mr McTavish describes himself as a zombie, because you'd have to be one to heap praise upon DiRT 2. I found DiRT 2 to be somewhat of a contradiction - it was shorter than its predecessor, yet I could not bring myself to complete it because of how quickly I got bored ****less with it. Fewer cars, fewer stages, and an obnoxious extreme sports theme that I loathed with a passion - DiRT 2 is quite possibly Codemasters' first sub-par driving game. I couldn't care less if Ken Block made a cameo - he's not a racing god, HE SELLS SHOES FOR A LIVING (no, seriously - Ken Block founded DC Shoes).

      While seeing Group B greats like the Quattro and the Lancia 037 (did I also spy a Delta S4? I think so!) in the trailer did excite me a little, Codemasters have their work cut out for them as far as I'm concerned.

    This just made Dirt 3 a must purchase.
    Group B rally was the pinacle of insanity and awesome.

    If you dont know what it is, youtube it.

    Awesome. Dirt 2 was an epic game and a HUGE improvement over Dirt. Let's hope Dirt 3 continues that.

    Hells yes, like I keep going on about though, Dirt 2's Americanism and those stadium races annoyed me. I LOVED the real Rally events, mind you. The visuals were also immaculate, so I wonder how much further Dirt 3 will push my PS3 (unless I unleash my GTX560ti on it instead)

    pfft. Dirt 2 was ridiculous... all americanised... colin would be turning in his grave...i handed it straight back in... i wont be buying this one.

      You'll be missing out if you don't, this one is taking a different direction to Dirt 2.

    Dirt, pretty darn fun with some great rally stages, not enough car customising.
    Dirt 2, pretty darn fun but not as many rally stages, wayyyyyy to much american crud and almost zilch car customising.

    I love the series I really hope they listened to the feedback on the forums about the lack of rally's. It was still a fun game though. I wish we had CMR05 with Dirt 2's graphic engine, with at least Dirt 1's weather variety... I'm sure these developers keep leaving stuff out primarily to give me the shits. Man, I've had the shits all week now. This post didn't go where it was supposed to be going... :-/

      edit, watched video! Night's back, SNOWS backs! RAINS BACK! I am a happy penguin.

    So looking forward to this, ever since finishing Dirt2 my life has been completely void of second rate American stunt drivers in flat rimmed caps telling me how sick I am.

    to be honest, that trailer looked gross, figers twisted that they havent been as stupid as crytek and developed for console then ported so we have no DX11 goodness.....

      Hi Jack,

      Not at all, DiRT 3 just like DiRT 2 will come with plenty of DX11 goodness so you can squeeze every last drop of performance out of your PC :)

      Codemasters Community Manager

        oh, snap. Nice to see some community involvement from you guys, even if it is just responding to some minor graphics jargon.

        gotta say, really looking forward to this game. been playing CMR since game 1. dirt 2, albeit with its fluffy presentation, is one of the best handling games of this generation. really nailed the sensation of controlled oversteer, which i think is crucial in any racing game (and is sorely missing from most). i hope to see some tight, challenging courses that really push the player (and me) for every last 100th of a second.

        a track editor would be too good to be true, but god have i been gagging for a good racing game to include it. communities behind games can be so enthusiastic, i think so many people would be keen to both create and lay some laps on custom circuits. i often feel like those communities don't get a chance to settle on a title for the long haul anymore and something like an editor would bolster that sense of longevity. i know i'd pay for a DLC track editor in a heartbeat. End rant.

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