Codemasters' DiRT Rally Looks Excellent


    If this goes back to the good parts about dirt 3 eg the actual Rally bits and none of that Gymkhana rubbish then im sold!

      I liked both those parts. But my fave was the Trail Blazer runs. Think thats what it was called.

    In car parts look good, not sure about the outside slow motion shots, look a little last gen.

    wow, I didn't expect this. This is what I've been wanting for years.


    Haven't had a solid rally game in yonks (excluding DiRT 3 with all its Gynkhana crap) so I am looking forward to this! Wonder if there's any chance of it coming to console though - my PC can't handle anything better than Colin McRae Rally 2005.

    Finally - a DiRT game with colour. And one that looks to play it straight like Colin McRae Rally did to boot! This is what DiRT should have been all along. Loved CMR and couldn't stand the DiRT series until now, but this looks really, really good!

    I love me some rally games. But that looks like a DX9 PS3/X360-era game with slightly higher textures.

    The best dirt game for me by far was the first one. It had the aussie rally stages that were quite literally in my back yard.

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