Community Review: DiRT 3

Community Review: DiRT 3

You know, when we look back at this generation of consoles the DiRT franchise may end up being the defining series of rally games. The original DiRT was an early classic and DiRT 2, while it didn’t appeal to rally purists, expanded the market and took the initiative in pushing the genre in new directions. DiRT 3? Well, it may be the best of the lot.

Codemasters has done a great job of evolving the Colin McRae series into something specifically branded and fresh, whilst still paying homage to rallying as a sport. In some ways it takes on the characteristics of an arcade racer, but in others it continues to take the job of being a premium, accurate and realistic driving experience extremely seriously.

It caters to chumps like myself, who struggle with sims, but still creates a punishing rally game for those that want it. Somehow the series has managed to cater to all gamers without watering itself down.

Part of it has to do with the engine Codemasters has developed over the course of this generation – surely now its among the best. Forza and Gran Turismo may have better physics, but you wouldn’t necessarily argue that they’re more fun.

DiRT 3, in my uncultured opinion, is up there with some of the best racers available.

But that’s just my proverbial two cents – what are you views? How have you been finding DiRT 3 so far? Let us know in the comments below.


  • I’ve been enjoying it so far. Took a while to get used to the handling again. Snow and night races are impressive. The game is gorgeous. Menus arent as nice as dirt 2’s. The game is gorgeous. Splitscreen finally. voiceovers are terrible. Drift and gymkhana dont do it for me. Rally all the way

  • I’ve got it hooked to a G25 on PC and really makes it realistic as possible (every nuance of road or air time can be felt). Compared to GT5, (which I find very bland) it definitely brilliant and actually fun.

  • I love Dirt 2, I’ll be picking up Dirt 3 for PC when it’s cheaper. Playing in-car view is one of the most intense things you can do in a game.

  • Probably the best rally engine to date. The “Spin Control” driving aid is enabled by default – meaning you can’t actually drive with the throttle until you turn it off. A bit of a odd choice for a rally game!

    Enjoying the gymkhana, it’s implemented well. The rally portions of the game are so far too short, and your car is repaired for free between each start. Would be nice to see a dedicated rally mode, especially considering the damage model is so well done. Flipped my car and drove to the finish while grinding away on the rim.

    Haven’t played multiplayer yet much, but split screen gymkhana is good for a laugh and a bit of team drift action.

    Loving the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s car selection.

    It’s been a rewarding experience so far, and there’s plenty of long term value here. 8.5 out of 10!

    • – “Probably the best rally engine to date”

      Better than Richard Burns Rally? Big call, considering how rubbish Dirt 1 & 2 were.

      • It’s not as realistic/hardcore as RBR, but it’s still one of the better rally game/sims out there. I’ve been enjoying it so far.
        For my serious sim racing, I’ll still hit up RBR, but for some seriously enjoyable fun, Dirt 3 is right up there.

      • Fair point. I think if you were to implement the rally mode of RBR with the Dirt 3 engine, you would be looking at a net gain.

        Whether RBR was a better overall rally game than Dirt 3 is another question, but I think you will find that Dirt3 isn’t trying to contest the hardcore sim market.

  • I’m loving the game so far.

    I will say that much of the particular appeal of this game for me came from the fact that it was to include a Ken Block inspired Gymkhana set of stages, but I wasn’t prepared for how well implemented and comprehensive this mode would be.

    There are multiple gymkhana tutorials and challenges, with an open area(s) available to you for untimed practice. These areas also contain many alternative challenges, which are a blast to try and achieve.

    It’s really quite difficult, but when you pull off a nice clean ‘spin’ or ‘donut’ it’s really worth the effort. Here’s one I uploaded to Youtube using the ‘instant’ upload.. (which works quite well). and here’s a cool drift .. .. obviously Ken Block has nothing to fear from me!!!

  • Great game my only dissapointment is that no matter how much i stuff around with the wheel settings I can’t get it to feel natural and have enough control to make it worthwhile. Gamepad is no slouch though.

    • It’s rubbish to sim purists, I suppose.

      Personally, I enjoy both games.
      RBR (with the RSRBR mod) for when I feel like a sim, and the DiRT series when I feel like a bash around without needing so much concentration.

      I’m actually loving DiRT 3. I’m more of a point to point rally fan, and I wish the stages in DiRT 3 were a little longer and more complex, but they’re a step up from the rally tracks on DiRT 2, so it’s still a step in the right direction.

      I still feel the cars don’t slide quite enough, and at times it feels like the low-end power is fairly weak. But it’s fun for a bash around.

      The new menus are definitely less of a pain than the DiRT 2 menus too, which is a very, very warm welcome. I do dislike all the ‘tutorial’ videos and instructions and all the voice-overs in the menus and stuff, but again, it’s less annoying than it was in DiRT 2.

      Multiplayer seems pretty solid as well, though I’ve only played staggered start rally with one friend.

  • My 2c:
    The menus are far better than the horribly drawn out and annoying ones in DiRT2, splitscreen is fantastic (more games need this back!). The rally stages are far far far too short.
    It also has the incredibly annoying voice-overs that DiRT2 introduced (the only one I will ever want is my co-drivers).

  • Great game. Works a treat on PS3 with a G27. Been loving the Gymkhana modes too. The night and blizzard races are pretty intense and exciting. Looks beautiful but I preferred the menu from Dirt 2. Otherwise presentation is almost perfect.

    The only negatives I see:

    The music is a bit sh*t. I’ve only heard a few tracks I like, and they seem few and far between… Easily switched off.

    The cars on the loading screens are sometimes completely obscured by pyramid shapes during the whole sequence. Seems like a waste of time especially during the vehicle view option.

    There needs to be many more longer stages. I get that they wanted to appeal to a more casual market but at least give us the option to do longer stages or include an editor where we can at least generate random stretches to a desired length. It’s a long shot but hey,..

    Custom championship would be nice too…

    More , and more insane, difficult, varied Gymkhana playgrounds. Bigger, tougher tricks. more missions and a randomise option for sequence challenges, or the ability to plan a route with an allotted amount of tricks from start/ finish…

    Any car, any track/ DC Compound…

    Longer rally stages…

    And finally – Get rid of that bloody Landrush sh*t. Those trucks are boring…

    Great game!!!

  • Colin McCrae Rally > Dirt Colin McCrae > Dirt > Dirt Ken Block > Ken Block Rally?

    Dirt is most definitely not the defining series of rally game for this generation. It’s the defining series for wikkid sik kool x-games dudez comin’ at ya in yo face ya’ll wit their tricked out rides and flat brimmed caps and telling you how intense you are man because you totally nailed that last stage yo.

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