Here’s 20 Minutes From The Life Is Strange: Before The Storm

Here’s 20 Minutes From The Life Is Strange: Before The Storm

One of the few leaks confirmed before E3 was the news that Dotnod’s teen adventure Life is Strange was getting a well-deserved prequel, titled Before the Storm. And if you wanted to see more than the teaser shown during the main conferences, here’s almost 20 minutes of gameplay.

Before the Storm isn’t actually being made by the same studio as Life is Strange, but by Deck9 Games. The episodic structure is a little shorter as well, with Before the Storm playing out over three episodes compared to the original’s five.

Being a prequel, Before the Storm showcases the friendships of Chloe and Rachel when they were 16. The gameplay shows Chloe poking her way around a gig, and it plays out more like a traditional adventure as Chloe doesn’t have Max’s time-travelling powers.

“Chloe is a wrecking ball … we didn’t want Arcadia Bay to feel like it was a town of superheroes,” one of the developers said during an E3 livestream. They also confirmed that Dontnod worked in partnership with Deck9 on the story, and that Dontnod is working on Life is Strange 2 separately to Before the Storm.


  • Any chance Alex on an article on the main character VA Ashley Burch being replaced due to the ongoing voice acting strike?

    • What ashley burch is replaced? 🙁 i was look8ng forward to her. She was great in horizon.

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