Here's 25 Minutes Of Monster Hunter World

Image: Capcom

Streamed live earlier this morning, Monster Hunter fans finally got a look at the World's UI, broader systems, mechanics and, importantly, monsters.

The Monster Hunter series has always been massive overseas, partly because the idea of hunting enormous monsters over a large period with friends is loads of fun. And MHW is doing what a lot of those fans have wanted for ages: bring Monster Hunter to PC and modern consoles with the level of spit and shine it deserves.

The new footage has raised plenty of questions though: are visible damage numbers good for the game? Monster Hunter for so long has encouraged players to pick up on visual cues from the monsters being hunted. The footage also showed off four-player co-op action, and the size of the open world (or at least one part of it).

Looks like the kind of game that would tide Serrels over until From Software comes out with Dark Souls 4, or whatever their next project is. Monster Hunter World is due for release on PC and PS4 next year.


    Want - So much want

    When they say release next year for consoles, and later on PCs, is that an estimate for NA/Australia release as well? Or just the Jap version? If the latter, here's hoping the regional delay is more like MH4U and not like MH3U

      Capcom said it will be released the same day as Japan (First time ever).

        Well, that is unexpected. Awesome news though - Thanks

    Not a big fan of the numbers honestly but it also looks like the visual cues are still there. I like how the world is open enough that if you know where specific monsters are you can lure your quest monster to them and they will fight each other to help you out.

      Surely there'd be an option to enable/disable the numbers? Just look at WoW, or Diablo or a whole raft of other games - they all let you turn them on/off.

        Who knows? Monster Hunter is not a MMO like WoW or even an online RPG like Diablo. It's a whole different beast. I don't think you can really compare it to an MMO like WoW.

        Having said that, the online modes in previous Monster Hunter games basically involved you accepting a quest to hunt a specific monster. Before you accept the quest it will warn you what the chances are of any other big monsters showing up (usually these chances are pretty low). Then when you accept the quest and go to that specific region , the monster you've accepted the quest to hunt will be there - and it's *usually* the only big monster there, but in some quests, you can run into others (and you knew the risks before accepting the quest).

        However, this is the first time Monster Hunter has been in one big, connected open world, so who knows what to expect.

          I just mentioned Wow and Diablo because they're games I've played recently with combat numbers. I've seen them in a bunch of other games, and most times they're configurable in some way. I can't recall seeing one that had them where I couldn't turn them off at least. Though I'm sure there are games like that.

    Man the archer classes seem soo much more relevant now on PS4. With the easier aiming and whotnot.

    Just checking, but the coverage I've seen states MHW is coming to PS4, PC and Xbox.
    This article states just PC and PS4.
    So is this article correct and the others I've seen wrong?
    Or is it a mistake on this article?
    Given the recent trend of console exclusives actually excluding one of the two console platforms while also releasing on PC, I reckon it's important to get the release platforms correct now more than ever.

      It's coming to all those platforms; Alex tends to gloss over Xbox half the time, is all :P.


      Everything I've read says this is coming to both consoles but people seem to presume it's exclusive to PS4 because they showed it at their conference.

      Sony didn't mention it being exclusive either so pretty sure it's not.

    Not a fan of the damage numbers (I'd hope there's an option to turn them off), and am a little put-off by the green spore-things that seem to track monsters for you... The other games had the paintberries, so maybe this is just a more in-world analogue. I do like that the lesser focus on discreet areas has resulted in some interesting and complex interconnectedness.

      I'm hoping that the "guide flies" (I think that's what the green spore things are called?) are only showing them where the monster is because it's some kind of tutorial level. I'll be very disappointed if these things really do track down the monster for you.

        Ah, thanks for the terminology - "scout files" from what I can find. From the subreddit megathread - have not checked their source, as I don't have time to catch up on everything just yet, but:

        Scoutflies, help you track monsters, level up as you explore until they turn green and go to your target. Optional

        Not sure if "level up" is persistent, but if not then it might not be too bad - a way to point you in the right direction if you've been stumbling aimlessly for half an hour with no result. Doesn't sound like it's just for tutorial levels, but if they can be disabled, then it's all good, I guess.

    Why not release this on the Switch than have Monster Hunter XX?

    I know it's expo build for demo purposes but those pop ups for actions and combos were distracting..... That said, I'm glad it looks better than the trailer, because that thing was completely devoid of vibrancy and colour. I'm still not entirely convinced it's the right style but better impressions than what I had of the trailer.

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