Mark’s Picks From The Steam Summer Sale

Mark’s Picks From The Steam Summer Sale
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Okay so I’m not your Dad or whatever, but the Steam Sale is up and running.

I have some picks and recommendations.

Hollow Knight

This game was developed in Australia and it’s one of the best ‘Metroidvania’ games in ages. It sort of got lost in the Zelda/Horizon/Mass Effect shuffle so there’s actually a high chance you haven’t played it.

It’s 30% off at US$9.89.

Hyper Light Drifter

It’s very cool. Very unique. It looks amazing. You should play it.

It’s 50% off at US$9.99


Image: Kotaku

Look it’s not perfect. It’s way too derivative of Journey for my liking, but it’s extremely cheap and it’s an experience worth paying US$5 for.


Just one of my favourite game mechanics ever. I loved it when it was a stupid wee flash game. Adore it now that it’s a fully fleshed out experience. Amazing.

It’s 40% off at US$14.99


Image: Steam

Look, you can’t mess with US$2.99. Buy it, play it for 10 minutes. Or buy it and leave it uninstalled. You know how these things go.

What are some of your picks? Let us know in the comments.


  • “Oh transistor looks good!”. Check store page: “Transistor is already in your Steam library”. Oopsy.

  • Just a little tip for those looking to save even more money, before you buy stuff, check
    A lot of the steam sale games are on sale there for the same price, but you can use the code RED5 for an extra 5% off!

    • Or even check first. Even if the price is higher, the version on doesn’t require Steam.

      There are even some older EA games there like Mirror’s Edge and the best part they don’t require Origin.

    • or check which has bundlestars, humble store, gog etc prices all in one convenient place.

  • So I did some diving into the deep discounts so if you have some change left over from getting what you wanted and want to use it up here are some recommendations

    Brothers – A tale of two sons 90% – $1.50
    Genuinely great game that is semi-coop but you are your own coop partner. Makes for an interesting control schemes. One of the best games released in 2013
    Shadowrun returns 90% – $1.50
    Remake by harebrain schemes. Great world, great storytelling. Not as good as the later games but a wonderful starting point.
    Hard reset / Shadow warrior $1.50
    These wild flying hog games are $1.50 each. Interesting FPS where enrivromental damage is the key to victory. I love these games and Hard Reset is my go to choice when asked for under appreciated games

    10,000,000 and You must build a boat for $0.59 each.
    Fairly basic match 3 style games with a leveling mechanic to improve yourself so you can get further each run. Great games for a match 3, endless runner timewaster

    Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams 85% – $2.70
    Fun colourful platformer

  • Hollow Knight is GOTY so far for me, so good.
    I’m thinking about getting Necropolis for around $10 (66% off) I’ve heard it gets repetative but the art style and fact that it got a pretty big update have me tempted.

  • [Checks Steam for Prey]

    [Sees Prey on sale for around 53 USD]

    [Sees Denuvo DRM warning]

    [Closes Steam]

    Seriously, I fail to see why extra DRM has to be added when Steam itself is the DRM manager.

    • Because steam DRM is cracked literally (figuratively) instantly, Denuvo takes much longer. Now do you see?

      • No I don’t. If Denuvo is much stronger then why even be on Steam?

        If a game is put on Steam, then the publisher should take the disadvantages of Steam.

        If the publisher wishes for more DRM, then employ the stronger and use a stand alone installer.

        No game needs multiple layers of DRM. If one layer is not enough then there is something wrong with the publisher.

          • If it incorrectly fails, the game:
            A) Will refuse to load thus preventing any gameplay, or
            B) May modify the game play making later sections and completion of the game impossible.

            But let’s not get side tracked. If a game is on Steam, then it is a realistic expectation that the only DRM is Steam.

            Any extra DRM like Denuvo or SecuROM is not only unnecessary, it is also unwanted.

            And frankly I’ve put up with this paranoia over “lost sales” long enough. I decided a while ago that if a game additional DRM on top of Steam, I get the console version or the version if it emerges.

            Again, there is no need to have extra DRM on top of Steam. Period.

          • Uh ok I see. I am still trying to understand the effects of DRM. Here I was thinking it was just to prevent hackers getting their mitts on games and companies saving their intellectual property. Hence the question I asked. Thanks for the reply.

          • Also worth adding that DRM often causes incompatibilities between operating systems. This won’t affect what exists right now in terms of OS’s, but what if you want to play the game again in 2/3/5 years? You’ll either need to resort to a crack of some kind or hope the developer removes the DRM. If that developer has gone bust well you’re SOL.

          • ^ This +999 ^

            See case in point, games that have online activate and even always on DRM for the single player mode.

            Once those servers are gone, the game cannot be played again even though the software exists on my machine.

        • Because devs want DRM (because people are still dicks who will pirate anything, even 5c indie games on Humble Bundle) and while it’s nice to say “don’t be on Steam then,” there are just as many people out there who refuse to buy any game that isn’t on Steam (I have no idea why people expect games to be on a DRM platform but… idiots will be idiots).

        • Because DRM is literally the least important reason people put their games on steam. Its because its THE biggest game store for PC so you are going to get the most sales their.

          People get pissed off at having to have one extra launcher for games (origin for example) yet you want every little game that uses different DRM to use a different launcher. Where may i ask do you think they should sell their games? why not just make their own store, thats pretty simple.

          Your whole argument makes literally no sense, what DRM is used has no bearing on whether something should be on steam.

          • It’s actually a response which does make sense and the only arguing is coming from you not me.

            I am not a pirate and should have to be treated like a worst case one because a publisher is so paranoid about losing just one sale in trying to archive an unrealistic mega-profit goal.

            Games only need one layer, that is enough.

            If Steam is the market place where the game is being sold then the caveats of Steam should be taken into consideration.

            If the game is on Origin, then the caveats of Origin need to be considered.

            Games do not need additional layers on top of what DRM a market place has and publishers need to get it through their thick skulls that all this extra DRM is worthless and self-destructive.

          • I’m not defending DRM, i think its stupid as shit, But what you are arguing (yes it is an argument) still makes no sense. I understand you don’t like DRM and think that it shouldn’t be on games at all which i agree with, but that is a separate discussion to games having denuvo while being on steam.

            well obviously steam lets developers put extra DRM on their games on the steam platform so there is no steam ‘caveat’ that stops them from doing so, so your whole argument has literally no basis. Same thing goes for Origin, most of their big games have denuvo and almost certainly at EAs request (order).

            Obviously games do need more DRM (in their opinion, like i said i disagree with DRM) because the steam one may as well not exist as it does nothing whatsoever.

    • Over-rated and dull?

      I didn’t rate it. I thought the controls were a bit loose for some of the utter precise jumps required.

      Outside the artwork – it just didn’t get to me the way I thought it would. Uninstalled it, and haven’t thought about it since.

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