What Was Twitter’s Favourite Game Of E3 2017?

What Was Twitter’s Favourite Game Of E3 2017?
Image: Twitter

Twitter loves to get snarky about video games, and there’s no better time to bash out 140 characters than the annual convention that was E3 2017. But what might surprise you is what game lit Twitter up the most.

Surprisingly, it wasn’t Metroid Prime. And it wasn’t a Nintendo title either, with none of the company’s games making the top 3. According to an analysis of tweets worldwide that used the #E32017 hashtag – but not including chatter that done under publisher preferred hashtags, like #BE3 or #SonyE3 for instance – the most discussed game was Monster Hunter World.

Second and third on the list was Call of Duty: World War 2 and DICE’s Battlefront sequel. Bioware’s new IP, Anthem, made the list, and the God of War reboot managed to sneak into the top 10 as well.

I asked Twitter if they were able to supply Australian-specific data, but technical errors prevented that data from being collected. If something changes on that front, however, we’ll let you know.


  • I always forget how large the CoD fanbase is. It looked like more of the same stuff that I don’t enjoy about CoD, but at least it is not quite as obnoxious as usual.

      • It’s been so long since there was a good WW2-themed Shooter. This will be the fifteenth CoD game, and CoD 5 was the last WW2 one. Medal of Honor was a little more recent but that franchise is dead.

        Additionally the general feeling with CoD seems to be that they’ve lost their point of differentiation ever since they left the modern or semi-modern settings of Advanced Warfare and the first Black Ops behind. The more they went Science Fiction, the harder it is to stand out against the backdrop of games like Titanfall, Destiny, Halo and so on.

        WW2 is certainly the first CoD to have caught my interest. Last one I played was Black Ops.

  • Twitter should never be used as a way to gauge anything ever! While it seems everyone was talking Monster Hunter, I’ve seen 10 times more tweets, articles, video and posts about Dragon Ball FighterZ than anything else since it was announced. Monster Hunter World got popular for all of 15 seconds on Twitter when it was revealed and all the Nintendo fanboys started crying about how it’s “meant to be a Nintendo franchise” and “Sony are paying to steal the series for Playstation”.

    • The amount of people on the platform, and the fact that the breakdown came from Twitter direct, makes it useful. Hell, you even say that Twitter shouldn’t be used – and then go into an anecdote about what you’ve seen on your Twitter feed. That’s having it both ways, no?

  • It must have been all the salty Ninty fans complaining about the lack of a Switch version.

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