Witcher 3 Mod Adds Customisable First-Person Mode

Years ago a mod popped up for The Witcher 3 that added a first-person mode, however, it was limited to horseback only. Well, it’s 2017 and another modder has released their own package that not only gives you first-person everywhere, but adds a customisable field-of-view too.

Here’s the complete feature list for the mod, which comes in at a svelte 814KB:

  • Immersive first person camera that properly follows Geralt’s body.
  • Customizable FOV (in range from 1 to 110).
  • Customizable, separate X and Y axis mouse sensitivity.
  • Optional, first-person-only DOF effect.
  • Optional, first-person-only “do not disturb” mode that will allow you to avoid combat as long as you’re in first person mode.
  • Entirely non-conflicting setup, compatible with all mods and all game versions from 1.08 up.
  • Experimental combat support.
  • Immersive lighting (no fake light source in first person).

It does have a few quirks and limitations, which are also listed:

  • Complex interiors (Kaer morhen/Kaer Trolde) have some minor streaming issues.
  • Game will hide NPCs that are very close to the camera.
  • Movement scheme is identical in first person as in third person(no strafing, backpedaling, etc.)
  • Mouse movement has “floaty” behavior when moving (intended behavior, required to improving movement controls).
  • Horseback riding and combat are currently not supported, you will get automatically booted out of the first person mode if such event occurs (by default).
  • Player head will not appear on inventory screen if it’s opened while in first person(tradeoff for being non-conflicting mod).
  • Player will get half booted out of first person when fast traveling(tradeoff for being non-conflicting mod).

Otherwise it seems to work well if the video above is anything to go by. If you were desperate for an excuse to fire the game up again, this is as good as any.

First person mode [Nexus Mods via DSO Gaming]

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