The Witcher 3’s Weather Becomes Even More Violent With This Mod

The Witcher 3’s Weather Becomes Even More Violent With This Mod

If you’re still playing The Witcher 3, chances are you’re probably having fun with the New Game+ mode. So if you’re starting from the beginning, why not turn the weather up to 11 while you’re at it?

The lighting and weather in The Witcher 3 is one of the greatest elements of CD Projekt RED’s magnum opus. It’s not the only fantastic element, obviously, but it’s the one that makes the open-world setting works as well as it does.

The sight when the light breaks through the trees as they bend and sway … it’s utterly gorgeous. But there aren’t that many moments when the weather is at its most extreme. Perhaps that’s appropriate, though. CDR made painstaking efforts to ensure the animations in the game were realistic (including the original movement system), so it makes sense that they’d apply the same logic to the weather algorithms.

But what if you don’t want that? What if you want to see the weather at its most violent? Well, that’s where this mod comes in.

“This mod adds currently 7 new and atmospheric weather conditions to the default weather,” the Nexusmods page says. It’ll also work with the SweetFX post-processing injector, an awesome little tool to tweak the visuals of most PC games that you should play with if you haven’t already.

The extreme weather mod works with Nexus Mod Manager just to make your life even easier. So what are you waiting for? Bring on all the thunderstorms.


  • As impressive as it looks and sounds at times, the immersion is severely broken when flocks of birds casually fly by, or leaves slowly drift across your vision during typhoon-like conditions. Also the fact that weather has very little to no effect on characters apart from a wet sheen and the occasional muted wave of hair means this mod has very limited effect.

    Nevertheless, The Witcher has some of the best weather effects I’ve seen in a game. We’re getting close to really immersive virtual worlds but we really aren’t there quite yet.

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