Yoshi Switch Game Announced, Looks A Lot Like Paper Mario

Yoshi is a new game starring (you guessed it) Yoshi coming to the Nintendo Switch in 2018, featuring a handcrafted style that ditches the yarny feel of Yoshi's Wooly World for something a little more flat.

In a trailer revealed during Nintendo's E3 Nintendo Direct, Yoshi collected coins and stomped on plenty of Shy Guys. It looks like solid platforming action with the sort of colourful, dino-filled twists you'd expect from Yoshi. Plus, any game where you poop out baddies and chuck them at each other is an instant classic.


    Generic release schedule filler for you, Nintendo fans!

    You'll get Super Mario Side Walking 2D Land Fuzzy Wool Edition in 2019.

      This is a game kids can play, and I'd much rather have them play this over some f2p mobile tish or call of duty.

      There's nothing wrong with offering this kind of game in addition to more mature fare, and it's still built with all of the care that nintendo is universally renowned for.

        Absolutely @cubits - can't wait to settle in on the couch with the kids for this one, Zelda is great for me, but the kids are too young to understand all the text.
        This will be perfect for them.

    Love the hate people throw at these sorts of games that Nintendo offer.. These games bring family fun back to the couch and not some dude sitting in a dark room with a headset on screaming at someone from another country for tea-bagging them.

    My fiancee and I are going to love playing this together just as we enjoyed playing Rayman Origins/Legends together on the 360.

    You can hate all you want but for me gaming is about having fun and spending quality time with loved ones with games like this while also having the option to have a more serious story driven experience like Zelda or even Last of Us, Horizon and others alike on the PS and Xbox.

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