A Savage Supercut From The Pokemon GO Fest

GIF: Youtube (bobvids)

Pokemon GO has had lots of issues, and none of those were felt more strongly than at the official Pokemon GO Fest in Chicago where the game's anniversary ended up being a reminder of just how unstable the game could be.

The crowd had so many issues just trying to load the game that when Niantic CEO John Hanke took the stage, the crowd booed him to high heaven. And when a live panel was held a few hours after the event had started, the crowd audibly complained over the top, as the panel discussed things they couldn't do - namely, catch Pokemon, battle in gyms, and generally enjoy the game.

The problems and nightmares from the Chicago event were captured by YouTuber bobvids, who cutdown the livestream from the event into almost 9 minutes of cringe. It's difficult to watch at times, particularly when the panel on-stage is doing their level best to ignore the jeers and complaints of the crowd in front of them.

Reminds me of all the gyms that bugged out at launch, really.


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