Counter-Strike Commentator Offers $10,000 Reward For Info About His Stolen BMW

Image: Twitter (@sadokist)

In a sign of just how far esports has come, one of the more prominent commentators in Counter-Strike esports has taken to social media to claim that his customised BMW GT3 has been stolen - and he's offering just over $10,000 for any information that leads to its return.

Matthew "Sadokist" Trivett is best known for appearing on-camera commentating Counter-Strike events in his Canadian tongue, although the 28-year-old also has another passion: racing. Over the last few weeks he's been posting YouTube footage of him racing around the TRAC road racing series, nipping around in a BMW e46 M3:

But as reported by Jalopnik, Matthew "Sadokist" Trivett tweeted over the weekend that his car, along with the container housing it, had been stolen:

Friends have begun tracking down the M3 and its container, with Sadokist's race photographer posting a picture of the trailer, its serial number and plate number. The CSGO host and caster is scheduled to race next month, but if he doesn't get the car back in time it's all for nothing.

Sadokist also reached out to Jalopnik to let them know that he was offering a $CA10,000 ($10039.63) reward to anyone who offers information that results in the car being returned. If you do have something that can help, letting Sadokist know via his public Facebook or Twitter.


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