Podcast: Persona 5 And Video Game Dialogue

Podcast: Persona 5 And Video Game Dialogue

Today’s episode of Kotaku Splitscreen is all about high school kids and high school squids.

First Kirk and I talk about Splatoon 2 (pardon my grumpiness, which was triggered by an hour’s worth of audio issues) before getting into the news of the week (19:15) including the disaster at Sean Krankel, director of Oxenfree (31:33), to talk about storytelling in games and dialogue as a core action. Then it’s time for the long-awaited Persona 5 spoilercast (54:18).

You can download the MP3 right here.

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  • I decided to give this podcast another chance since I’m interested in both Splatoon and Persona… I couldn’t make it until the persona part. Schreier comes across as a pouty little bitch the whole time.

    Kotaku is meant to be a professional outlet, right? I’ll stick with other gaming podcasts.

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