Image: Kotaku

OK, OK. You all remember Q*Bert just fine, then. That's a good thing though.

But can you remember today's game?

Good luck!


    Or my personal favourite dual joystick game of all time: Karate Champ.

      Yeah! Karate Champ for sure!
      Loved the dual stick gameplay! so good!

    Probably more likely to be International Karate. Stance looks more IK-ish.
    Sorry for hogging everyone!!!

      Yeah could be either really. The stance was essentially the same, but the arcade had better definition (could see more of the bend in his elbow) The C64 version was more blocky and didn't have black outlines around the legs though.

    Way Of The International Exploding Karateka Fu +?

    Honestly they all looked like that. The hairstyle makes me think it's possibly Karateka.

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