At $1750, A Truly Expensive 3DS Game Bundle

The Ace Attorney 1 - 6 Premium Edition pack has to be one of the most expensive Nintendo 3DS game bundles ever released, if not the most expensive.

[Image: E-Capcom]

Priced at ¥150,000 ($1752), the bundle comes with Ace Attorney 1 to Ace Attorney 6, an Ace Attorney 4 mini soundtrack CD, an original box, a set of 15 postcards, a box for those postcards signed by art director Takuro Fuse, a sheet signed by Ace Attorney designer Shu Takumi, and a 7g pure gold memorial plate.

[Image: E-Capcom]

That's right, it comes with gold.

[Image: E-Capcom]

The limited edition bundle is being released on Capcom's online shop in Japan. Any objections to that?


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