Breaking Bad And Kick-Ass Are Getting Board Games

Image: Twitter (BoardGameGeek)

Fallout and Civilization are already in the midst of getting the official board game treatment, and now two more iconic franchises are in the works: Breaking Bad and the Kick-Ass films.

We'll start with the Heisenberg conversion first. The official conversion is being handled by Edge Entertainment, with attendees spotting a booth for the game - albeit an empty one:

According to a listing on Board Game Geek, the game lets you play one of three criminal factions or as a DEA agent. It's a card based game, with the goal to either jail your opponents, kill them, or seize other factions' labs (if you're the DEA agent). The game's due out sometime this year.

Image: Board Game Geek

But that's not all! Kick-Ass, the comic book that was eventually given the Hollywood treatment twice, is getting an official adaptation as well. It's being produced by CMON Games, and according to Board Game Geek it'll go straight to retail next year. For reference, CMON Games are the same team behind the A Song of Ice and Fire miniatures game that raised just under $US1.7 million.

The game will supposedly have players controlling characters on the map, while managing their social media accounts separately. There's no details or pictures, although you can get a look at the outside of the box from this shot:

Neato. Seems a bit late to be jumping on the Kick-Ass train, but hey. A good game's a good game, no matter when it comes out.


    Seems like everything is getting a board game these days (not necessarily a bad thing).

      If there isn't already a board game about making board games, I'm sure there will be one soon.

    Civilization received the board game treatment ages ago. I have one sitting in my games cupboard. Its long and complicated.

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