Dominoes Get A Lot More Fun When You Add Fire

Dominoes Get A Lot More Fun When You Add Fire

I always used to enjoy watching those gargantuan statues of dominoes as a kid. But you know what makes dominoes even better? Fire.

YouTuber Kaplamino wrote that the idea behind the project was to create a video showing off a chain reaction using fire, because chain reactions with air are a lot more common. Part of the inspiration comes from America’s Got Talent, where Sprice Machines showed off a chain reaction machine that capped off with fireworks.

This is a lot less flashy, but if built correctly, it’s replicable at home. Kaplamino wrote that it took about a full week to put together.

Now if you don’t mind, I’m going to go down a the fire/domino YouTube hole. Since I would 1000% burn my apartment down if I tried to do any of this.


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