Final Fantasy 15 Is Coming To PC

Final Fantasy 15 Is Coming To PC

Announced at NVIDIA’s briefing ahead of Gamescom this week, Square Enix director Hajime Tabata announced that the company would be releasing the “Ultimate Version” of Final Fantasy XV for PC next year.

Tabata took the stage at the end of NVIDIA’s briefing, revealing that the company had produced a tech demo with support for DirectX 12 a couple of years ago. NVIDIA and Square then continued to collaborate on a PC release of the JRPG, which is due out next year some time.

Final Fantasy 15 Is Coming To PC

Update: Here’s the trailer.

The author travelled to Gamescom as a guest of NVIDIA.


    • Don’t count on it. Not every game can (or will) be modded just because it’s on pc.
      For e.g. ffxiii and co. on pc only have simple texture and model swaps and some rendering hacks.
      Whatever ‘crap’ there is in terms of gameplay or story, it’s highly unlikely that it can or will be changed by mods. You can expect some memory hacks to give you increased damage or whatever, though.
      Anyways, I like this news.

  • Bought it like 2 weeks ago, might actually just stop playing if I can get a version with a proper framerate.

  • Does Nvidia GameWorks = This will run like crap on AMD cards unless all Nvidia features are turned off?

    • i think theres a 50% chance of that and the other 50% being that AMD sucking with their driver support. I’d really like to go back to using AMD but after playing so many games on AMD hardware and then swapping to Nvidia Hardware, i was amazed at the amount of invisible walls were not actually invisible

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