You'll Need Over 155GB For Final Fantasy 15 In 4K

Image: Jin & Jase/Final Fantasy 15

I hope you like really high res steak, because if you want those juicy 4K Final Fantasy 15 assets you're going to need a lot of space.

While wearing a headcrab sent from Valve, Final Fantasy 15 director Hajime Tabata took some time to announce a few things ahead of the game's PC debut. Apart from the fact that a demo will be released next Monday - a benchmark is already live on Steam - he also confirmed that anyone downloading the game with 4K assets will need just over 155GB.

"I'd like to start by noting there are two sizes. One version is 100GB, and the other is 155GB. The difference is whether the textures are in full HD or 4K," Tabata said, adding that the 4K version "exceeds 155GB".

The trick, of course, is how much compression is actually applied to the game pre-install. Plenty of games on Steam expand to a size substantially larger than the original download, although it'll take a good deal of compression to bring FF15 in 4K down to ... well, even below 100GB.

Still, FF15's install size has been a curious sticking point since the PC version was announced at Gamescom last year. A mistaken press release from Square Enix caused a stir of media reports indicating that the game's install size would be 170GB, which Tabata confirmed wasn't the case in an interview with Kotaku Australia. The final version, it seems, isn't too far off though.


    Challenge accepted. Got to have my boy Ignis discovering new recipes in glorious 4K!

    If you really love the game this isn’t really an issue.
    If I could have a remaster of one of my fav games in 4K with custom textures I would fill up a hard drive for the pleasure

    A straight month of downloading.

      Na, I could pull it down in 2-3 days.

        Sure, and some people could pull it down in a couple of hours.

          Yeah, it took me less than 20 minutes to preload on steam. Lul

    Napkin math tells me that with a consistent 8mbps download speed, a full download of 155GB will take about 43 hours. That's a chunky game.

      wow that would take me 3 weeks non stop download.

    we still haven't gotten a basic compression for video in 4k 50gig for 2 hours of movie compared to 1080 witch is like 1 to 2gigs so it seem kinda small for video game, not to mention they have always pushed the graphics side as hard as they can.

      The difference though is that a movie is a huge collection of images that have the same dimensions while a game is a collection of small to large textures/images that get reused over the period of the game.

      It's the difference between having a flipbook that animates a ball rolling down the street and having a picture for the street and a picture for the ball that you move around.

    155Gb only seems large until you read that the normal game is 100Gb and then it isn't that bad comparatively.

      no there 60gig so its more then doubl;e the size

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