Final Fantasy 15 Royal Edition Adds A Big New Scene To The Final Act

Final Fantasy 15 may be one of the strangest video games ever created, in large part because the developers have spent the past year and a half updating, changing, and adding new features to the game. And as of tomorrow, there'll be a whole new story in the final act.

Image: NVIDIA / Square Enix

We already knew that the upcoming Royal Edition of Final Fantasy XV (which launches tomorrow alongside the PC version) would add new bosses to Chapter 14, which takes place in the ruins of Noctis's hometown of Insomnia. What we didn't know was that director Hajime Tabata and crew put in a whole new scene, one featuring Luna and all of the big, beautiful summons.

Thanks to an early leak, you can see most of the new Chapter 14 stuff in this video. Skip to 5:35 for the big new scene, which takes place after the new Cerberus boss fight. You can see the three new "Rulers of Yore" bosses right after that. 

I loved Final Fantasy XV when it launched and still do, but with every new patch, update, and feature, it really feels like anyone who played the game in those first few months got a raw deal. We'll be checking out the PC version tomorrow when it goes live and we'll let you know then how it runs and all that jazz.


    I played it on day 1 and finished it 2-3 months later. I haven’t touched it since. I’m trying to muster the energy to play through it again, and wondering if it’s really worth it.

      In the same boat here. Maybe if i keep it brief by avoiding sidequests it'd be fun.

      Same. The lack of good side quests was such a let down for me. I spent months on previous FF’s finding summons and doing ultimate weapon quests (chocobo hot and cold was a highlight) but beyond a few dungeons there’s nothing to do after 15’s main quest.


    Now i think i can do my second play through, it's gonna be crazy how different it will be to when i first played it.

    I finished it in a long weekend when it first came out. Now I'm kind of feeling that maybe I should play it again when they finally finish the game in a few years.

    I bought it day one, played through the whole thing, thought it was pretty awful and an all-time low-point for the Final Fantasy series.

    If I'm ever going to play through it again, I'll wait until they've finished patching it.

    This fucking game. It simply does not know what it is or wants to be. I bought it on release and finished it, and I distinctly recall feeling absolutely nothing.

    So I went back to Dark Souls 3.

    So they spent 10+ years creating this game for it to launch what we now know to be an unfinished boring mess of a game, and now we're expected to give it a second chance? Square, stop taking your customers for a ride!

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