Here's The Cheapest Copies Of Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

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If you would like to fire off exploding ducks and swear at Boos on the train, here's the cheapest copies of Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle in Australia.

Target: $69

This is the baseline price. Not the cheapest, but close to it and pretty reasonable.

JB Hi-Fi: $69

No surprises here.

BIG W: $69

Thanks to Vooks for this one. BIG W are competing strong here, matching the price for the game and offering a neat 2 game Switch bundle for $499. You get one of Mario + Rabbids or Splatoon 2, along with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Solid offer.

EB Games: $89.95

What you'd expect from EB Games: price match or bust.

Mighty Ape: $69

Oddly competitive from Mighty Ape here - they usually come in a few dollars higher than the major outlets. Good to see, especially if they're local to you.

Amazon: $81.94

Figure here includes the cost of shipping as well, at least the cheapest option. Not really a competitive offer.

The Gamesmen: $89.95

One of the more expensive offerings; pretty hard to take this up, given the markup.

DVDLand: $86.90

Price includes shipping, which makes it really not worth the price of entry. If you can pickup in-store (or warehouse, really) in the Gold Coast, $79.95 is a little more palatable. But not by much.

OzGameshop: $64.99

Cheaper, but not by so much that the wait is worth it.

Dungeon Crawl: $80.95

Play-Asia: $77.38

Same price for all versions here, which might be useful if you want to import a version with Chinese subtitles or something. Note that the price doesn't include shipping.

Harvey Norman: $88

See a deal that's worthwhile? Let us know below!


    Big W have been on point lately. Add in staff discount and buying with 5% off price gift cards I've saved heaps making my Switch and game purchases there.

      Great place to grab a bottle of water or some snacks before going to the movies, too.

        I'm cheap, I often take in my own water, haha.

    The Switch bundle does not include 2 games but either one of the 3 choices (MK8 or Splatoon 2 or Mario Rabbids). I went to the store to ask about it and came out disappointed.

    What I want to know is why is it $89.95 on the Nintendo eShop??

    It's literally $20 cheaper to buy a physical copy from a retailer, how can they justify that?

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