Here's A $499 Switch Bundle With Mario Kart, Mario Rabbids Or Pokken Tournament

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You only get to choose between one of the three games, and Pokken Tournament isn't really everyone's cup of tea. But if you've been sitting on the fence with the Switch, now isn't a bad time to jump in.

Big W will be offering a $499 Switch bundle from this Thursday, according to a catalogue shot sent in by a reader.

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Beyond that, there's nothing particularly of note. You can get a Switch Pro Controller for $85, a fraction better than the usual retail price, and a deluxe carry case for $25. But it's really about grabbing the Switch plus at least one very good game for around half price, since MK8 and Mario Rabbids are still going for $69-plus a pop.

Offers run from September 21 to October 4

BIG W's last lot of gaming offers will expire tomorrow, although more often than not prices do roll over from one period to the next. Right now those include: Destiny 2 on consoles for $64, Metroid: Samus Returns for $49, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy for $45 and a Destiny 2 bundle with a 1TB slim PS4 for $449.


    My advice is to go for Mario + Rabbids, and download the free Octopath Travelor demo (which is really good)

    Very expensive for a $500 Nintendo Switch bundle from Big W with the choice of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Ubisoft and Snowdrop's Mario+Rabbids Kingdom Battle, or Bandai Namco's Pokken Tournament Deluxe coming out on September 22 this week. I've already got a Nintendo Switch and the Activision and Bungie's Destiny 2 bundle with a 1TB slim PS4 for $449 way too expensive for me and still no word from the team Sony to see if anyone has won the Playstation VR Galactic Giveaway prize pack goddamn it. The team at Sony are nothing but a bunch of dickheads.

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