Podcast: The Great SNES Classic Pre-Order Disaster

Were you able to pre-order an SNES Classic? Don't worry: Neither were we. Let's all cry together on today's Kotaku Splitscreen.

This week we talk about our adventures holidaying and eclipse-hunting before jumping into the news of the week (17:04) including Super Nintendo Classic pre-order disasters, Kyrie Irving screwing up NBA 2K18, and Brink going free-to-play. Then we talk about a bunch of games (33:07) including No Man's Sky, Final Fantasy Tactics, and Madden's surprisingly excellent 'Longshot' story mode.

You can get the MP3 right here.

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    I pre-ordered mine an hour or two after they were announced on 26-27th when EB games (Aus) put them up for pre-order.

    Last edited 26/08/17 9:49 am

    We had no problem pre ordering this or the mini NES on release - although for the mini NES some of our friends had some dramas, but not this time with the SNES.
    Did they up the number of consoles to be released after the mini NES debacle?

    I got my preorder in with EB games the day it was announced. Wasn't gonna be taking any chances with these things. I let the NES slip by, but the games on the SNES classic are so timeless, so I was way more keen to get on board with this.

      Don't sweat it too much about missing the mini NES, most of the games haven't aged well. I got one in the last run JB got, and while I don't regret getting it, I haven't bothered turning it on in months.

      The mini SNES on the other hand I expect I'll play far more, for the very reason you state. Most of the games are timeless classics that do stand up to other modern offerings.

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