Six Years Later, Bethesda's Brink Is Suddenly Free-To-Play

Brink was weird. It mashed together multiplayer gunplay with single-player narrative, then spiced up its chunky concoction with parkour and levels set on floating cities (because global warming). It's also telling that I speak about it in the past tense, because while it continues to exist, you could be forgiven for assuming otherwise.

The Bethesda-published, Splash-Damage-developed game — originally released way back in 2011 — is suddenly free-to-play on Steam. Why now? Beats me. The announcement is two sentences long and offers zero details.

I will not, however, look a gift game-that-had-all-the-makings-of-a-cult-hit-had-it-not-been-abandoned-before-its-time in the mouth, though. According to Steam Charts, a site that tracks the player counts of every game on Steam, Brink now has around 1000 people concurrently playing it. That's way up from the (oof) 10-30 it's been pulling since the beginning of this year.

If you never got to try Brink but spent many a sweat-stained night wondering "what if, what if," there's no better time than the present. And I mean that, because unless Splash Damage has plans to start supporting the game again, I doubt those 1000 players will stick around for long.


    Brink makes me sad. It had so much character and potential, it was just let down by bad performance and wafer thin content.

      I pre-ordered. I watched every dev diary the day it came out. I preached to friends about how great it was looking. Especially the campaign with its challenging themes about ethics and morality in a realistic climate-change apocalypse.

      The campaign was a strung-together list of the multiplayer maps with moronic bots and an interminable grind for unlocking abilities and cosmetics.

      My poor heart.

      No-one's done the movement quite as well as Brink ever since, though. That was always good. And drilling a clip of ammo into an enemy to drop them was always deeply satisfying.

    Capture that command post brothers!
    The Enemy is capturing our command post!
    Comaaaaaaaand pooooooost!!!!!

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