SWERY’s Latest Game Is About A Town Filled With Cats

SWERY’s Latest Game Is About A Town Filled With Cats

Having made Deadly Premonition and D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die, the eccentric developer’s latest proposed game is all about a town filled with cats. Who happen to be people.

Called The Good Life, SWERY describes the game as an adventure where you’re tasked with uncovering the mystery behind a town whose residents turn into cats every night. White Owls, SWERY’s new studio, is looking to fund the game through the Fig crowdfunding platform, although the campaign won’t officially go live for another 17 days.

At night, all of the town’s residents turn into cats. Why does this happen? Is this why everyone in town is so happy? No one seems to remember what they do at night. Naomi is here to find out what’s going on in Rainy Woods.

The townspeople aren’t the only ones who get to roam around at night as a cat – Naomi does too! Once the sun sets, you’ll get to explore Rainy Woods and collect clues and important items connected to the events of the story. The town becomes a very different place at night, as certain secret paths, rooftops, and attics can only be accessed by cats.

SWERY went on to state that the game would “inherit the spirit of Deadly Premonition” while being modelled on a “daily life RPG”. He also included this lovely photo, sure to bring some joy to your day:


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