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    Been sinking a fair amount of time into Nioh the past few nights thanks to the DLC last week. Finished the DLC content fairly quickly on NG, so I continued to slowly make my way through Way of the Strong (ie. NG+), looking for better gear in the sixth region. On a whim, I decided to try to finish the epilogue mission last night to unlock the next difficulty tier, not really sure if I was up to the task - using light armour meant I'd probably be getting hit hard, but I was pretty sure I'd have the damage output as long as I could stay alive.

    It took a few tries as I'd get one-shot by anything using a high-stance that I didn't see coming, and the clones before the boss door could one-shot me with their grab, which was frustrating, and the boss' lasers would sometimes stun me long enough for the boss to take off the rest of my health... but I got it. Way of the Demon unlocked! Completed the first mission, and had so many upgrades thrown my way... So much time and gold invested getting my 150(+8) dual swords, and they just hand me a 170(+11) weapon from the second enemy...

    Hey All!

    myself and some friends are looking for some games to sink some decent time into!

    we usually play CS:GO, PUBG, Fortnite, Rocketleague things like stardew valley (MP coming next year :'( )

    looking for anything really on PC if anyone could make some suggestions that would be awesome!

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