The Closest Game To A Modern Robocop

miniLAW: Ministry of Law‘s cyberpunk aesthetic of pay phones, pagers and robotic-suited cops, along with the underpinnings of a totalistic police system, make it an intriguing game.

It’s also the closest thing to a modern Robocop game we’re going to get. It doesn’t have the biting satire of Robocop but it does have a seeping dread. Humanity has created an Earth that is an uninhabitable mess, and no amount of policing is going to fix it.

With just 24 hours to stop a bomb that can destroy everything, you get the feeling that even if you did manage to disarm the bomb, it’d only be a temporary fix.

At times it feels a little awkward to control, but being encased in a robotic suit would feel a little awkward. The game feels appropriately grimy, with all kinds of scanlines and graphical burps happening all over the screen. All of it comes together to help with the whole Cyberpunk — oh no, everything is horrible now — motif.

miniLAW remains part of Steam early access, where it’s been for almost a year. Some of the most interesting mechanics, namely the phone based detective system (which adds greatly to the story), were patched in more recently, and help make the game more interesting.

As always you can find out more about the game in my video above.


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