What Are You Playing This Weekend?

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This weekend I am playing Sonic Mania. I like it a lot.

I like it so much that it's sort of changed my opinion of old Sonic games.

Because once upon a time I was one of those people. The kind of person who openly wondering, "was Sonic every actually good". I feel like Sonic Mania really unlocked some buried memories for me. Yes. Sonic was good. That weird vertical level design. The way it all came together, the visual style, the weight of it. Yes, Sonic was good and Sonic can be good again, because Sonic Mania is actually very good.

I am enjoying it.

What are you playing this weekend?


    I'm going to be diving into Escape From Tarkov, now that they have launched local servers. Very excited! Aaaand PUBG. Always PUBG.

    Sonic Mania is very good. I will be interstate this weekend and am bringing my 3DS with me to edge closer to the end of Xenoblade Chronicles

    I'm playing the Last Guardian. I've only just made it in to the open area, but I'm liking it so far!

    Done with Nioh until the next DLC - wasn't really enjoying WotW, as I couldn't find a way to actually survive getting hit. Wanted something less stressful to play, so have been playing Path of Exile a bit over the past week, and trying my hand at a Barbarian in D3 for the first time this season - the set reward this season is the Wastes set, and I've heard tales of the legendary Whirlwind Barb builds of old... :P

    Also will be investigating Destiny 2's API documentation to see if I can start building a basic library, in case I find things I want to automate after launch like I did for consumable management in D1.

    Flipping my niece upside down mostly. Hopefully some Persona 5 when I get the place to myself.

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    I've recently returned to Disgaea 5 to try and finish the post game grind to take on Baal. I'll probably end up checking out Sonic Mania though and finish off Fallen Legion.

    Just mopping up the optional bosses in Kingdom Hearts Final Mix before plunging through the rest of the set up to KH2!

    Want to pick up Path Of Exile too, but schedule is full with KH & PES and aware Mario rabbids launches next week so may have to wait on that a little. Silly season it appears, is fast approaching.

    Splatoon 2 and BotW. Love being able to spend quick rounds in S2 mixed with getting lost for hours in BotW!

    Continuing with Dishonored 2. As per my playthrough on the original Dishonered, my playstyle started with a mix of stealth/non-lethal & lethal and mid way through is leaning heavily to High Chaos - Lethal. Playing as Emily & just completed The Clockwork Mansion; sorry Kirin Jindosh, it was a Hardened crossbow bolt to the head for you!

    Something other than Overwatch! I've been playing it non stop since the summer games event started (chasing the Junkrat skin, which I finally got last night) and I'm feeling I need a bit of a break from it now.

    Probably continue through Crash Bandicoot.

    Sunday I will be playing fighting for a seat at a pub for the fight.

    Since Xcom 2 is having a free Steam weekend, I'll be playing that.

    Playing Uncharted: The Lost Legacy.

    Civilization Revolution 2 on PS Vita (pretty fun game despite some UI problems)

    Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions on PS Vita (now I'm getting the hang of the job/ability system)

    Maybe some Wolfenstein New Order, Borderlands The Pre Sequel or Overcooked.

    I fired up No Mans Sky for the first time since the updates last night and was really enjoying so will certainly be playing that this evening. Along with my usual WoW and Splatoon 2.

    I'm also acutely aware that I'm coming down with a cold which I have a feeling will destroy my weekend. Am I the only person who finds it difficult to game when they're sick?

    Just Cause 3 on the ps4. I'm up to part where I have enough firepower to keep all action sequences below 30 fps.

      You actually got 30fps!?

      Even with some at times unplayable framerate, I thoroughly enjoyed JC3.

    I have a Warmachine tournament tomorrow. Then I have to sit alone for my bornday.

    I'm gaming more right now than I have in ages. Shadow of Mordor on the back burner. Just reached the main hub of Elpis in Borderlands the pre-sequel. Bought sleeping Dogs cheap, and am enjoying the HK cyber tourism once again.

    Still haven't finished Persona 5, Horizon, Dishonoured 2... virtually everything I've started in 2017.

    Breath of the Wild, im close now, if you can call another 50 odd hrs close mwahahaha
    I love that game.

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