Sonic Mania Has An Irritating Home Button Bug On Switch

Sonic Mania may just be the best Sonic game in years, but it also seems broken in a small but annoying way on the Nintendo Switch.

If you're playing Sonic Mania on the Switch you may have already noticed a weird flaw. According to multiple Switch owners, there's a delay with hitting the Home button when playing the game in handheld mode. Sometimes it's a slight delay, sometimes it will take three or four seconds.

This isn't a game breaking bug, but it does look irksome. Sega has not yet responded to Kotaku's request for comment, but here's to hoping there's a fix for this soon.


    The home button didn't work at all for me when I first played Shovel Knight, which meant I had no way to close the software unless I hard reset the console. a couple of days later (no software update) the issue corrected itself.

    that's the way, mash it more until it works haha

    weirdly it also does then when i try and put the console to sleep as well.

    So it takes a few seconds to go back out to the console home screen, or takes a few seconds to pause the game?

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