Sonic Mania In One Video

Sonic Mania In One Video
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It takes a while, but if Sonic fans want a quick answer as to whether Sonic Mania is worth it, this video will do it.

The latest video from dunkey is a pretty good primer on not only why Sonic leaves such a legacy today, but why Sonic Mania is worth the time of day. It’s fast. It’s a reminder of what the spirit of Sonic used to be, while adding new levels and ideas along the way.

Enjoy, Sonic fans.

We’ll have our full review of Sonic Mania up later today. And for PC fans: Sonic Mania comes out in two weeks. Otherwise, the game’s available on PS4, Xbox and the Switch.


  • I do enjoy dunkeys reviews. His video on game critics was an excellent way for me to understand that I should be paying attention to the author and not the media provider. Its why I enjoy reading/listening to reviews by him, most of the Kotaku staff and totalbiscuit.
    The points he makes on Sonic Mania get me excited, I have fond memories of going to my cousins house just to hang out and play Sonic 2

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