Wing Commander Is Getting An Orchestral Remaster

Wing Commander Is Getting An Orchestral Remaster

We hear an awful lot about remakes and remasters in 2017. What you don’t hear quite so much is orchestral remakes.

George Oldziey is a producer and composer based in Austin, Texas. Over the last decade, he worked on the music for Sin City 2 and orchestrated the music for Kill Bill 2 and the original Sin City. But Oldziey also has plenty of credits working with video game compositions, including Wing Commander 3, 4 and Wing Commander: Prophecy.

But there was only so much budget for video game music in the Wing Commander days, and Oldziey wants to go revisit his old music. So he started a Kickstarter, which has successfully passed its goal, to re-record his Wing Commander compositions with a live orchestra.

The campaign, as it stands, will fund the following:

* Preparation and creation of all tracks for recording
* Physical reproduction of the new scores and parts
* Digital MIDI tracks for all of the music
* Recording of WC3’s jazzy bar music with live musicians

As an added bonus to keep everyone entertained during the campaign, Oldziey also posted a software playback of an unnamed track from the Wing Commander series. It was orchestrated using the original MIDI file as a reference, because doing straight instrumental translations from MIDI files almost 25 years old doesn’t work that well, apparently.


  • Couple this with a full remake of part 1 with CGI for the characters and Mark Hamill voicing Blair or at least Sebastian Stan playing him? SOLD.

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