Aussies Are Making An Official Terminator 2 Board Game

Designed and created by the same team behind the Hand of Fate board game and Burger Up, Aussie board gamers Rule & Make have gotten their hands on something pretty sweet: the rights to produce an official Terminator 2 board game.

A co-operative game for 1-4 players, T2029 tasks players with keeping John Connor alive until he can access Skynet central command. From there, the players have to reprogram the T800 and send it back in time to protect Puberty John Connor before the T1000 infiltrates.

The game uses a fair lot of dice, although gameplay isn't actually reliant on die rolls. "Dice allow you to give orders to troops, but they are only rolled to refresh the dice pool that you draft from," the campaign page says.

Players will also manage an army as they fight off Skynet's armies, which involves a whole other set of orders, card draws, and strategy.

A shot of the full board at GenCon 50. Image: Youtube (The Dice Tower)

Image: Kickstarter

Games take around 90 minutes to complete, which sounds pretty good given all the moving parts, command cards, combat rules and encounters players would have to manage. Board to Death previewed the game at GenCon this year, which you can check out below.

It'll cost you $87 to pledge for a copy of the game, with shipping totalling an extra $15. T2029 is scheduled to ship from May next year, and while it hasn't hit its funding goal yet, it's over halfway there with 29 days remaining. (Also, the Aussies behind Rule & Make have nailed every campaign they've created, so there's that.)


    I geuss the first question id ask is why? Why would anyone want to play this?

      Because Terminator 2 is neat and Rule and Make are neat?

      For fun?

        That doesnt look like fun at all.

          Why do you say that?

            I am looking at a game to play, I look at how easy and how long it will be to teach my mates if I buy it. This looks like an absolute mess, not to mention why the Terminator franchise? Surely they could have spend their money on a better franchise.

              I didn't think it looked that complicated, but everyone has different gamer levels in their groups. I thought this game reminded me a little of the XCOM board game, minus the timed phase.

              I've been to a couple of board game nights and it's not hard to pick up a new game. As long as one person has read the rules beforehand you get a good idea after a few turns and can get right into it. Of course deeper strategy develops over multiple play throughs, and any decent game will have enough variances that multiple playthroughs are worthwhile.

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