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We've all had enough time to ding level 20 now, maybe even finish the Leviathan raid. It's time for you to review Destiny 2.

"Reviewing" Destiny right now is a bit difficult, given everyone knows just how much the game can change. That was part and parcel of Destiny 1's life, with each major expansion changing the game in substantial ways.

In a sense, however, Destiny 2 is starting from a better base. I haven't gone through every random adventure, patrol or encounter that pops up; a good chunk of my levelling was done through the Crucible.

But those odds and ends are better organised, more enjoyable than I found them in the first Destiny. Finding them at all is easier, which helps a lot, and plenty of work in general has been done in reducing the time needed to manage things.

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I'll stick with Destiny 2 for a while, although I'm super keen to jump into the game when it launches again on PC. I miss being able to quickly rotate and spin when people jump over the top of you. But on top of that, it's also nice to be able to ALT+TAB and browse the web between matches. Because while you might not have to Google Xur's location, you'll still need to check forums to see whether the roll on those exotic gauntlets are worth it or not.

How have you found Destiny 2 so far?


    The base game is much better than D1 at launch but the game still could be alot better in ways and as much as it pains me to say it does feel more like a large expansion and not a whole new game. I'm still enjoying my time and expect to pump a lot of hours into but I cant shake tge feeling of been there done that.

      That's a pretty fair summary. While so much is new, like kinetic, energy, and power based weapons, its essentially the same thing as D1. Two regular weapons, one special. Same for all the currency, with shards replacing strange coins, and the like. It might be different terms, but they are serving the same purpose.

      Which means, when it comes down to it, that you're doing the same thing in the same way as you did in Destiny. That's not a bad thing, it just means it doesn't feel as fresh as it perhaps might have.

      Having said that, if you change the formula too much, would it still be Destiny? There has to be a certain amount of similarity, or you risk alienating your playerbase. So in the end, I think it was always going to feel like a large expansion. A very polished expansion.

      Just remember as well that Halo 2, 3, etc had the same "issue" with feeling like the original (and there was zero wrong with that), so its not in Bungies nature to mess with a winning formula.

        I was honestly hoping for this quantum leap that realised all of the goals of the first game and more. I always assumed the first game was severely held back by the last-gen compatibility, and that Destiny 2 would be radically different. But I was pretty surprised playing the beta to see how little changed about the gameplay. Like you said, the things that aren't changing were the best parts of the first game, so it's ok.

        I'm honestly worried i've started running out of content though. Granted, i've been playing pretty hard trying to get raid-ready (the raid is awesome, I think it's my favourite they've ever done), but I hope the expansions are going to be coming out at a faster rate than last time.

        Ultimately it's playing with friends that makes Destiny one of the best social games there is. If you've got a big group of people playing and talking on party chat, any game is going to be fun. But Destiny is specifically built for those experiences, and a group that regularly plays the game together is going to elevate it to something that is far greater than the sum of its parts.

    Destiny 2 isn't quite "Game of the Year" material, it's not really mind blowing or anything but it seems simple and fun to play, especially with friends. I find this to be a relaxing, chill out game that I can play online with my mates.

    The pros... well, it's simple, easy to understand and manage game play, the soundtrack is bloody epic and it has a decent story, much better than the first Destiny, anyway.

    The cons... it gets repetitive pretty quick and can feel awfully grindy. Some people like it this way, but this is a game I can't really binge on. The graphics are good for the most part, but sometimes it can just look bloody awful for a PS4 title.

    If you enjoyed the first one, you'll like this one. If you have friends to play with, then you'll have some fun too. If you get bored easily by loot and repetition, or you don't really play shooters, than you can probably skip this one.

    I found it weird that strikes weren't in the main mission rota and introduced by the guy from the Wire going "STRIKES ARE BACK SON, I BROUGHT THEM BACK". The curve to being near max level is very short which I actually like since I went nuts over the weekend and hit light level 268 in two days, but don't often get time to do that kind of gaming.

    There's a fair amount of content I haven't really touched, but I'm hoping the expansions/event dlcs come through soon and keep things fresh.

    I wasn't sold on Destiny 1 - it seemed too ambitious without enough substance (I could go on about why I think it disappointed me), but Destiny 2 has me in a big way.

    Shooting feels good (it always was going to, it's Bungie), but the way they handle the world crafting and story telling and interfacing and just the overall map design is just great.

    Loads of different environments offering different combat experiences, a gradual curve of learning the various systems and overall lots of fun things to do.

    I do feel though that the complexity of the gear system is a bit on the nose for me. The whole engrams/infusions stuff is kind of more than I really want to be doing, when the heart of the game for me is exploring crazy planets and shooting bad things.

      The infusion gets more annoying when you realise that mods count for light levels but not for infusions. So a 275 gun that you're trying to infuse into a 268 gun might only bring it up to 270 because of a +5 mod it has on it. The problem is, nowhere in the infusion process does it give you any clues about these power boosting mods influencing the light levels. It's a Destiny 1 move / mindset, and one i'm surprised slipped through.

    I've enjoyed the D2 vanilla much more than D1. I've only just finished the main quest line but I actually have an urge to go and do the grind this time. I really struggled for that motivation with D1.
    Though I'll probably struggle to get through the timed nightfall and will likely miss the raids again.

      The timed nightfall isn't hard. I did it first try with another 265ish light guy and my mate (280 light) that did it once and understood how to do the gates (clear the area, then get the gates so you aren't under pressure).

      I remember nightfall being rage inducing when it first started. This was a fairly peaceful experience by comparison.

        I agree with this. I was worried for a long time that Bungie had toned this game down just a little to much to cater to a more casual audience. Gearing is way easier than D1, we don't get as much ability choice as we did and strikes become redundant quickly. The Nightfall despite the time restriction is too breezy, (even the 5 minute run this week isn't difficult) But then I started the raid that kicks it up a notch. Here's to hoping that the prestige content is sufficently difficult too.

    I just want Bungie to make another standalone FPS with a good story and great weapons.

    It is great fun to play but really feels unfinished.
    Some of the patrol areas are more than likely to be expanded as they don't take up much space I'm looking at you titan, multi level but only two main areas?
    On your own? Not bad, a good space shooter with a fair bit to do, even if it is through the same areas.
    With a friend or two? Much better, although you can smash the content with a 3 person fire-team.
    They really have done a better job with clans and other content and made sure this game is not as arduous as the first. I remember them saying they were not going to cater to the 'hard core' and make the content more accessible to all. Achieved.

    I'm really enjoying the more in-depth storylines, and the character development of Cayde, Ikora and Zavala. The new characters are good too. The new environments look great, and the music is as fantastic as ever. Plus, bonus points for being able to play soccer at The Farm.

    It's last years Destiny with new content and some great quality of life improvements. Running around looting while I get some Netflix in is still relaxing and satisfying.

    If you like Destiny go for it. If you don't this wont change your mind ;)

    Compared to Destiny's base game, there's definitely more to do. The lack of randomised rolls on guns/armor is both a good and a bad thing. It makes pvp a lot more level playing field but does kind of limit the replayability of the game as there is no reason to grind for a better version of gear.

    The fact that there is an actual story within the game rather than relegated to cards that you need to view online is cool. But it does mean that the amount of lore available is greatly reduced at this point as it all needs to be voice acted. A way to view the lore you have encountered in game would be nice.

    The game is kind of at odds with itself with how it presents the story, the campaign plays out as though you're the chosen one and the only person to have their abilities back but then will spawn you into a social area brimming with other guardians exploding things with their minds.

    Mechanically it feels like what destiny should have been at launch, great shooting, decent traversal options, unique subclasses ect ect. If you like bungie games and have friends to play with, it's worth a shot.

      The game is kind of at odds with itself with how it presents the story, the campaign plays out as though you're the chosen one and the only person to have their abilities back but then will spawn you into a social area brimming with other guardians exploding things with their minds.

      This was infuriating for me! It's like, you know the game you've built right?? At every turn you're encouraging us to play together, yet you write this infantile dialogue that treats us like the only child of Gen X parents! Bungie and anyone who likes this silent-protagonist-centre-of-the-universe bullshit repeat with me:

      "The protagonist is not the player the protagonist is not the player the protagonist is not the player."

        I have that issue with Bioware games. It's even more irritating because you're part of a team; the NPCs talk about how wonderful Commander Shepard is while totally ignoring the squadmates who've gone through the exact same stuff. It feels particularly egregious because Shepard's my least favourite character, since he/she gets no real characterization. Exact same deal with the Dragon Age games. Ruins the scenes.

        The Witcher handles this much, much better. Especially when he's forced into the politics and big events against his desire. He's not some unnatural superhero, just a person who's very, very good at his job.

          I have literally said every single point you make here numerous times to people who never want to listen. Even comparing The Witcher 3 to Dragon Age Inquisition. We seem to value the same exact thing in games.

    It's pretty good, definitely has an addictive gameplay loop. At the end of the day though, it doesn't take too long to get through all the solo stuff. I am currently at 279 light, and I am battling to get to 280... it's not going to be easy to progress solo. I also have a couple of exotic quests that need to be completed with a fire team. I have joined a random clan, but they all seem to be in a different time zone.
    Would anyone happen to know of any clans that are recruiting and newbie friendly? I would like to do the nightfall (for rat king) and the raid at some stage...

      I'm in the same spot. Need a decent Aussie clan for raiding and what not

        You guys are welcome to join ''Le Akatsuki'' if you like (name change in progress), we are a bunch of aussies that smash out destiny, enjoy banter and anime. I'm currently sitting at 299 light and am helping my fellow clan mates complete the more challenging tasks so everyone can eventually be raid ready and have full squads to jam on the weekends. As long as your not under the 18 age mark (we prefer mature gamers) hop on the bungie website search for the name and you should be able to request to join im pretty sure its set to open. ill be happy to help :)

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