Dark Souls Vs Star Wars

Solaire approaches a battle against a lightsaber the same way he approaches a battle against anyone else.

This is from a video D Piddy made at Saboten Con earlier this month. If you're wondering why he does this for seven minutes, it's about showing off the other cosplayers in the shot, not grinding the joke into the dust.


    Okay, let's rundown:
    0:15 - That Rey must be playing an Int build since she's wielding a Moonlight Greatsword. Too bad she appears to be a keyboard turner.
    0:28 - Solaire picking on a Deprived. Bad form.
    0:38 - Only reason that guy survived all those hits is his Mask of the Mother giving him 10% extra HP.
    0:50 - Obvious fat-rolls. Either Solaire is just being ballsy by reducing his invincibility frames, or he bought an item from a stall prior and it's stuffed up his weight ratio.
    1:28 - Solaire summoned in but the group is AFK. Promptly uses Black Separation Crystal to leave.
    1:50 - Silly Solaire. You cannot hurt someone whilst they're resting at a bonfire. What do you think this is, Dark Souls 2?
    2:02 - No damage taken by Solaire's hits? Dirty 'Cheat Engine' users.
    2:21 - I'm guessing Solaire is farming that Man-Serpent Summoner for its Medicant's Staff? Obviously doesn't get it as we never see Solaire with the Sunlight Shield.
    2:35 - Solaire vs. red invader dual-wielding Avelyns.
    2:48 - Solaire breaks his weapon on phase-2 Darklurker. Feels bad man.
    2:56 - Solaire vs. Aldrich, Devourer of Gods.
    3:04 - Picking on 2 harmless undead? WTF Solaire!
    3:14 - Fighting Marvellous Chester is a bad idea, but I understand. We all love that helm for Fashion Souls.
    3:49 - Solaire vs. Elana, Squalid Queen.
    4:05 - Solaire attempts to turn Sailor Moon towards the Sun's grace, but then stabs the filthy Darkmoon.
    4:16 - Solaire learn to fear the Frostbite build.
    4:30 - Using a Greatbow in a close-range fight? Bad idea.
    4:46 - Another invader dual-wielding Avelyns. They're everywhere!
    4:59 - Stop hitting people resting at bonfires, Solaire!
    5:09 - 3 vs. 1. Solaire spell-cancels for a sneaky hit. Lands a devastating blow on Hashirama at 5:30. Absolutely devastating.
    5:38 - Epic PvP battle between Solaire and a Chaos Blade wielder. Close match, but Chaos Blade wielder forfeits due to too much health drained from her own weapon (20HP each hit adds up quickly).
    6:24 - Praise the Sun!

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