EA Has Charts To Show That This Year’s Star Wars Battlefront Is An Actual Full Game

EA Has Charts To Show That This Year’s Star Wars Battlefront Is An Actual Full Game

EA, a company willing to level with you about the deficiencies of last year’s sports games when it is time to sell you this year’s, is coming clean about the inadequacies of 2015’s Star Wars Battlefront. A new trailer for the game’s November sequel makes clear that, yeah, that last game was more short on content than the second Death Star.

The 2015 Battlefront didn’t just lack the solo campaign that the new game has. It launched with few maps, few characters, and a paltry number of vehicles, especially for its flight combat mods. More was added via paid DLC.

EA Has Charts To Show That This Year’s Star Wars Battlefront Is An Actual Full Game

Today’s new trailer for the sequel walks you through the uptick in content. More more more, they explain, which given the absurd skimpiness of the last game, does indeed appear to be better.


Note: Numbers aren’t everything. The previous Battlefront game launched with nine multiplayer modes. This game is launching with five. EA doesn’t have a chart for that in the video of course, but the knock on those nine modes last time is that some weren’t that hot. Five’s a decent start, and EA is teasing a “live service” that will bring more stuff into the game.

Battlefront 2 is out for PC, PS4 and Xbox One on November 17.


    • Besides the card system? You mean the pay to win system? Added onto the paid DLC season pass BS they will pull?

      No one should buy this game, don’t get me wrong I want to play it. But I won’t support companies that try to milk me like I am a cow in a paddock to be drained of all my money

    • I give the opposite of a shit about multiplayer… rather, it gives ME the shits.

      A single-player campaign is exactly what it takes to interest me, so now I am. Very.

      • A good single player campaign and I’m in!

        Wouldn’t mind some bots for offline multiplayer, too. The original Battlefield had it 15 years ago, so surely they could add some in now.

  • I went back to the last game the other day when they made the season pass free.

    Lack of content aside, it’s just not a very good game. Adding more maps did not improve it much because it’s still the same mediocre shooter that you’re playing on those maps.

      • Yeah, they absolutely nailed the look and sound of Star Wars, you can’t fault that side of it.

        It is a superb piece of Star Wars merchandise, but a terrible game.

        • For me, SW has (for the most part) these dirty, worn environments with epic battles won at great cost but the last game just felt to ‘clean’. The icicle effect on guns was great but everyone constantly running out and dying on a clean, unchanging battlefield amongst super-sized hardware felt comical. The movies didnt have to show it but in this game I want to see the death and grit. I guess this cannot be done in games yet.

  • yeah, i’ve still got burns that are healing from the last travesty.
    To release a hyped game that clearly pandered toward those that happily spent more to win, it was a joke. How those DL-44 blaster were like the goldeneye golden gun and only for those that bought the DLC…

    Definitely will not be getting on board this time around – i can only feel that the single player will do more to sour Dark Forces than cement it into the history it deserves.

    They really screwed up first time around – if they wanted to keep people interested, a single player DLC should have dropped for #1. Not a secondary cash grab in part 2.

    …and further more, anyone else getting star wars burn out?
    everywhere you turn, even my favourite lego is screwing the pooch.

    and now a spin off for every character – i cant wait for marvel vs star wars…

  • They seem to be genuinely trying to fix their mistakes (not a big fan of 1), so I’ll at least wait until reviews come out and treat it with an open mind.

  • No Heroes in single player I see. That’s a shame.

    Also, given me bots in any DLC map. I’ve literally got dlc maps I’ve never actually seen or used due to not ever finding a game. Had I had bots to fall back on I wouldn’t have cared so much.

  • Have a bad feeling that It may take more installments after this one to get the “magic” just right. I am glad that they are doing this but their formula is still very premature or under developed imho in the same sense that the build up to cod 4 was very premature and under developed but when they hit the sweet spot with the modern warfare series they hit it right well or at least the first two imho. Just my two cents let’s hope that I am feeling wrong.

  • Oh dear! EA, please learn2graph.

    Looking at the first graph if you use 1 block = 2 ‘units’ then the BF1 bar is around 4.5 long, not 4 and the BF2 bar is around 17.9 not 18!

    Other graphs are similarly misleading between the length of the bars and the numbers stated.

    This is why you don’t let marketing people do your tax!

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