Killer Instinct Arrives On Steam With Over 460 Achievements

Killer Instinct Arrives On Steam With Over 460 Achievements
Image: Iron Galaxy

The rebooted Killer Instinct has been out on PC for over a year now, but until a few days ago, you’d have had trouble finding it in Steam’s catalogue. Mostly because it wasn’t there. That’s all changed now, with the flavoursome beat ’em up available on Valve’s digital storefront at a temporary 25 per cent discount.

Usually $US39.99, Killer Instinct can currently be had for $US29.99 ($38). Along with the expected features and content, including a “wild cast of combatants”, 20 environments, a story mode and tutorials for the core mechanics, the Steam version comes with this footnote:

Steam Features: Steam Achievements

OK, cool. How many exactly?

Includes 464 Steam Achievements

Ah. Right. While games do exist with many more achievements than this, once you cull the absurdly high ones, Killer Instinct is up there with the likes of Team Fortress 2 (520), Company of Heroes 2 (452) and Men of War 2: Assault Squad (490).

Anyway… the game’s sitting on 87 per cent from 173 reviews, so expect a decent punch-up if you do decide to pick it up. At the very least, the achievements will keep you busy for basically forever.

Killer Instinct [Steam]


  • *goes to purchase*

    *sees microtransactions advertised in steam*

    *closes steam page*

    *sigh* Can’t do it. Sorry 🙁

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