Good job to Casual Prolix and smithtacular - yesterday's game was indeed the original Star Fox on the SNES.

I've been thinking about the SNES a fair bit, with the Mini SNES due to ship at the end of this month. I never grew up with one as a kid, so it's been fun drawing games from that era.

But today's game is from a different platform entirely. Can you guess what it is?

Good luck!


    Need for Speed XII: Road Kill edition

    It was Star Wing in PAL territories (or maybe just Aus?). Then we went with Lylat Wars instead of Star Fox 64. No idea why the title changed in our territory.

    Also, I have nothing to contribute guessing wise here...

    It seems so familiar, but I'll be damned if I can think of where I've seen it atm.... :\

    Is it the Sonic 1 bonus stage background where it transforms back and forth?

    It's a loading screen image of a game I can't recall. I think.

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