Small Child Cannot Comprehend That The Game Boy Does Not Have A Touch Screen

Reminder: Children born post-smartphones/tablets have not been conditioned to use buttons.

This very cute thing is what happened when Chris Cohoon handed his daughter an old Game Boy the other day.

You can laugh/make bad "want to feel OLD" jokes if you want, but these kids are growing up with superior user interfaces. She probably looks at this like a '90s kid would have looked at one of those old-timey cars you had to crank to start.


    It's normal, I've already seen a lot of comments around the interwebs about how "sad" this is but I don't really agree, it's just advancements in technology and kids growing up in a different age. It's no different to kids wondering what a VCR is or what a record is. It's easy to have a laugh, but for me, I'm personally looking forward to teaching my 4 year old son about older tech like the Gameboy when he's grown a bit more. I've already shown him most of the old consoles I own so he's already off to a good start.

    You have to use your hands? That's like a baby's toy!

    but these kids are growing up with superior user interfaces

    Superior user interfaces?

    Give me buttons to control my games over touchscreens any day.

      Yep, this threw me too. Had to read it twice - yep, that's wrong.

    It's like old people trying to use touchscreens.
    Part of me imagines that girl eventually working out the buttons and then thinking "This is amazing! My fingers don't have to cover the screen!"

    Sounds like the stories of kids trying to swipe the TV screen to change channels.

    its like kids today holding their phones vertically to film things and then getting too old for this sh**

      Don't get me started on vertical phone videos.

      For Pete's sake people is it that hard to turn your phone 90 degrees when recording a video?

    Wouldn't be any different to handing them a brand new 3DS, it still uses buttons fro most of the game functions so bit silly really.

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