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It’s barely past 0600 and already Austin’s battle with the multifarious villains of the Marioverse has begun again in earnest. It’s not enough that he hates Bowser – he needs Bowser to know it.


"We're just going to play video games, all day?" my nine-year-old asks. "Pretty much," I reply. "I'll have to talk to people, too, and you should write down what you thought of the game."

Since I don't work in an office, Bring Your Kid To Work Day doesn't exist. Instead, I brought him to BitSummit.


In the past couple of months there's been a phrase that haunts me. It reverberates in my dreams and my darkest nightmares. It's the first words I hear when I arrive home from work. It's the first words I hear when being woken up at 530am on a still-dark Saturday morning.

"Daddee. DADDEE. Can I play YOUR game."


My daughter is seven, and a few weeks ago her class spent the week choosing a subject to "investigate" (basically write reports on). The teacher might have been hoping they chose something like "nature", or "factories", or "history", but the room of seven-year-old kids did the seven-year-old thing and chose "Pokémon".


In 1990, Bill Watterson created a Calvin and Hobbes storyline in which Calvin is bullied into playing baseball during recess. Watterson drew a relatable, cautionary tale about the dangers of cramming boys into neat little boxes. Everyone in this story wants Calvin to do something he hates, but even when he commits to it, nobody helps him succeed.


NBC is hosting a 2v2 Rocket League tournament this weekend, a big deal for 2v2 players like Josh "JumpOnStuff" Russo who could potentially make a national broadcast debut. But when Russo's teammate couldn't make it down to the open, one man was willing to take up the controller and fill in: his dad.