Xbox’s New Parents App Is Great

Xbox’s New Parents App Is Great
Image: Microsoft

A couple of years ago I spoke very highly of Nintendo’s parental controls app for the Switch. Microsoft have recently released something very similar, and it’s just as good.

The Nintendo Switch’s Parental Controls Are Amazing

Pretty much every games platform in the market today, from phones to tablets to consoles, has some form of system that lets parents lock kids out of bad stuff. But none of them do it as well, or as elegantly, as the Nintendo Switch.

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The beauty of the Switch’s app wasn’t the fact it had parental controls — all consoles do, and have had them for a while! — but the way it took them out of the system settings and into a parent’s hands, where everything they needed was centralised, easy to use and told them all the stuff they needed to know.

The new Xbox Family Settings App — in public testing earlier this year, but now officially out — does pretty much the same thing, like tracking a kid’s screen time and letting you set limits on how long they can play. In some cases, though, it’s even better; the quick message a child can send their parent asking for 15 more minutes past a timer is an excellent idea, as is the ability to lock/unlock the console during certain times of the day (like only allowing play after school and before dinner, for example).

The app is out now on both iOS and Android.


  • I will agree with that. I’ve actually found the Switch parental controls to be a little fiddly and took a while to understand (I have 4 profiles on there with 3 kids and myself).

    The xbox app is super clear right from the top screen how much time and content I can filter so my teenager has different access than my 6 year old.

  • You’ve been able to set time limits – for certain games if you wanted – and track usage for different users for a long time now.
    Just not on an app

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