What Are You Playing This Weekend?

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The weekend is often a great time to cook, and while I've just dinged level 20 in Destiny 2 this week, a guy's gotta eat.

While I already spent some time with Cook, Serve, Delicious 2! earlier this week, that was with a preview build that had a bunch of things already unlocked. The full game's since launched, meaning Tegan and I can work our way through the world of slapping burgers, buggering up sundae orders, and just generally ruining people's food.

Cook, Serve, Delicious 2 Is Bonkers

Six prep stations, 9 dockets, and multiple pages of ingredients to sift through. Help. The original Cook, Serve, Delicious could get crazy at the hardest levels. The sequel is much, much worse. In the best possible way.

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Beyond that, I've also been steadily been having the Hard AI hand my arse to me at Race to the Galaxy. I'm getting a lot better at building out a balanced empire, although I think I probably don't do a good enough job of checking on the AI's empire until it's too late. I do win some games, however, but I'll keep butting my head against that wall.

Other than that, I'll probably also do some Destiny 2 Crucible (TAY FOR LIFE) and maybe even some Mario Party with friends. Who knows.

What are you playing this weekend?


    Steamworld Dig is currently free on Origin, and I've been meaning to play that since it came out. So that's probably my weekend done.

    I'll pick up Aztez soon too. That looks great.

      Great game, I had lots of fun with it. Although maybe I should play some of that this weekend now I have the DLC and trying for a hard only run

    I expected to be playing Ys VIII but NISA buggered up the PC release. So I guess continuing my playthrough of Trails of Cold Steel and maybe seeing if the sprain in my thumb has healed enough that I can jump back into FFXIV and get back to continually failing to find a group competent enough to beat the final boss of the expansion.

    I just realised I forgot to put my Switch in my bag, so I won't be playing anything. =(

    Mostly Assassin's Creed: Syndicate. Might also buy Destiny 2 cuz I am hyped, even though I may never get time to play it.

    Horizon Zero Dawn and Everybody's Golf. Maybe a bit of Dirt Rally.

    I'm hoping to get in some Destiny 2 Tonight and tomorrow. Picked it up last weekend but I haven't had much time to play it. Grinspoon concert tomorrow night so Sunday will be a write off. Can't game while hung over.

    A game that is not getting enough love today, Divinity: Original Sin 2. T-6 hours until I can role-play as Doctor Doolittle again. Just got to wait for this damn game to download.

      Completely agree on the not enough hype. Played a little bit of the early access and it was damn good. Now to convince 3 friends to join me for some "accidental" friendly fire.

    Divinity: Orginal Sin 2 dropped last night. So will be hitting that pretty hard.

    Death of the Outsider on the Xbox and Divinity Original Sin 2 on the laptop.

    A whole lot of Divinity Original Sin 2 with a few mates.

    Going to see IT and then try out a sensory depravation tank on saturday, so my day is set to MAXIMUM FLOAT

    Sunday got d&d with 3 new peeps joining our game so that should be fun. If I get time, more slowly plodding through destiny 2's story

    Its that time of the year to play How Well Can Your Liver Cope? for me. Family birthdays today (mine) and tomorrow (niece) \, meaning a steady intake of redneck fuel over the next ~36 hours.

    Don't worry, I'm a professional at this after all these years, so I will be pacing myself.

    When the liver isn't being stress tested, I expect it'll mostly be Destiny 2 time on the PS4. Or putting my new PC together. That could be fun with a hangover. No, not fun. Something similar though.

    Starts with the same two letters, just cant think of it at the moment...

    I will be cooking simulated foods for simulated customers on C,S,D! 2 all weekend. And maybe a bit of Binding of Isaac on the Switch.

    LIS : Before the Storm Ep1. New DLC for Battlefield 1 if time permits.

    Picked up South Park: Stick of Truth on PC a couple of nights ago so I'll be playing that. Maybe some Destiny 2 on PS4 but I'm trying to hold off until the PC release.

    I shall also join the chorus of Divinity Original Sin 2, can't wait

    Saints Row The Third is now back compat so will give that a go. Also the next chapter of Quantum Break and Star Wars Battlefront (DLC is free on both platforms pick b it up)

    Just picked up binding of isaac, and I'm still working out some of the systems. Pretty addictive, but the projectile hitboxes seem pretty janky due to some fluffing of a z-axis. Good fun though.

    Also need to finish mario + rabbids. I'm very close, great game.

    And there's a weird event going down in salmon run in splatoon. I must check it out.

    About the only thing i can play at the moment with my newborn is Mario Rabbids as i can play for short stints.

    Territory Battles and raids in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes (still playing, after Kotaku introduced me to this game back in Jan 2016), then will be checking out Divinity: Original Sin 2.

    I just finished XCOM 2 WOTC last night so not entirely sure. I have both Pillars of Eternity & Divinity: Original Sin (the first one, not the sequel like all you kids in the future) I want to play, but cautious of starting a timesink with other stuff going on. And also not sure which of the two to attack first!

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