What Are You Playing This Weekend?

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Eventually, I will be cooking some things this weekend. Virtually, of course.

I'm talking about the sequel to Cook, Serve, Delicious, which drops next week. It's basically more of the same, but with a hell lot more recipes, restaurants, and mechanics to play with.

It'll be a total nightmare in co-op, which I'm rather looking forward to.

Beyond that, I'll probably play the odd board game on my phone. I've been wrapping my head around Race to the Galaxy, which I'm still getting my arse whooped at.

What are you playing this weekend?


    I've been eagerly awaiting Cook, Serve, Delicious 2 for years. And finally, it's so close. I'll probably be picking up Monster Hunter: Stories - looks like a cutesie little thing to do while I wait for the next decent Pokemon release.

    Those cooking games make me wish for a good restaurant tycoon style game. Restaurant Empire exists but its not good.
    Anywho this weekend I want to get back into Rainbow Six Siege because of the update that just came out.

      Tycoon games are the greatest thing ever when done correctly. Unfortunately, so many of them are utter shite.
      Still yearn for an Industry Giant 3! There's been a few that tried to emulate it, but none have really pulled it off terribly well. And they always neglect to put in multiplayer. That was one thing about IG2 that was so damn good!

    I have been utterly hooked on mario+rabbids this week, i really need to drag myself away. I just passed a fairly amazing musical number, this whole game is irrepressibly charming!

    I've never played the binding of isaac, i like the idea of that game on a handheld, so I'll probably give that a bash now that it's finally out.

      Mate BoI is brilliant, give it some time to hook you and you won't be disappointed. You'll soon realise it's depth and why people use a Wiki when playing. Perfect for handheld too I'd wager.

      +1 for Mario + Rabbids, it's such a good game! A little disappointed with the length, however I hope at least that the planned dlc brings out more content.

    Well I've just killed the last of the 'chosen' in the XCOM 2 expansion - I'm pretty late game and in such a good place I find I'm toying with the enemy quite a bit which makes me reluctant to end it, especially when I think back and estimate I was 1 bad mission from game over earlier in the campaign (I lost my best - bar one who was injured - 9 soldiers over 3 consecutive missions and it was almost ruinous!)!

    Otherwise I'm not sure, maybe pillars of eternity? Feel like i need a palette cleanse after XCOM with something light and cheery...

      Haha same here, I just beat the last chosen lat night! Those aliens don't stand a chance anymore my squad is a finely tuned machine, with serious weaponry. This game definitely starts out really difficult, but ends up pretty easy! I kind of like it though, it makes you feel like all the sacrifice and suffering in the beginning pays off.

        For sure... It started tough, and then I don't know if I made some bad decisions with regards to research etc but it got much tougher about a quarter of the way in, suddenly the lost all had health bars 6-8 long and I couldn't 1 shot them with anyone anymore! If it wasn't for Hilary Clinton I don't think my XCOM would be alive anymore, she single-handedly led the fightback along with Anna Kournikova, Susan Boyle & Jason Bourne!

        The empowerment now (I've got Hilary to 25 health and 80+ dodge so she never gets hit) from the covert ops, psi soldiers and kick-ass weaponry means the tables have turned... I feel a bit like the kid with a magnifying glass, but loving every minute of it!

        Quite enjoyed the chosen, which did you struggle with most? Thought the stealth/melee one was the hardest - but that might be because she's the one I fought earliest when my soldiers couldn't spell the word 'gun', let alone use one. She killed 4 soldiers on one mission alone! FWIW I thought the sniper one was pretty useless - giving me a turn to get his target safe seemed to penalise him too much!

          Hahaha your soldiers have awesome names, I should get a bit creative like that... I really liked the added layer of stress with the chosen, I only really had difficulty with the warlock, spawned some really difficult adds, but I managed to melee him with my ranger (Jane Kelly FTW) I think I dawdled a bit too long though. By putting off the blacksite mission & doing the odd Avatar project mission if I was running out of time - I ended up having plasma weapons & predator armour by the time I tackled it... I enjoyed the lost missions, but if felt more like the lost & advent against me... they never really occupied each other. What do you think of the new classes? I only really enjoyed the Templar, the reaper & skirmished seemed pretty underpowered to me...

            It's fun naming them, but it gets a bit tedious - I have my own rule that I only name them at the start and in this version if they're gifted/genius, otherwise I just leave them as 'Joe Public' cannon fodder! Also force myself to name them after the gender/country of origin that the game gives the recruit (which admittedly sometimes becomes a struggle!).

            I read that the lost are set 70/30 in favour of attacking XCOM over Advent which seems a bit odd/unfair - but guess it goes with the territory in this game? (apparently you can tweak it in the ini files too)

            I do miss the chosen now weirdly, they were a pain in the ass and kept getting new strengths, but it feels a bit anticlimactic now almost? Maybe if i get brave later i'll try a playthrough and leave them alive - apparently they all (or any you didn't kill) appear on the final mission, that could be hectic/fun/hell!

            I'll be honest and admit I now don't use any of the new classes;

            The reapers are awesome at the start and useful for stealth missions, but find my snipers (once you get the training school and enough points to add more skills) outperform them now.

            Skirmishers I sometimes take along to mix things up/for fun - again, I found them useful early on, especially against the lost, but now find them average in comparison.

            Templars - by far the most interesting, but I SUCK with them, so banned them from action because they/I got 4 people killed trying to use them! They seem very melee focused and every time I try melee it just triggers another pod and I get thwomped!

            Good luck! :D

    80 hours into Persona 5, 20 to go?

      Depends how you're playing it - I'm a bit of a plodder with RPG's and finished at 160 hours (yikes), plenty of others I've seen put it around the 100-120 hour mark so yup, you're probably not too far off.

      FWIW, I loved the game but felt it dragged on for maybe one dungeon too many?

    I just started on Knights of Pen and Paper 2 today, and also Project Cars, so likely going to be playing a bit of those.

    I've finally picked up a copy of Skyrim. Is it any good?

    Destiny 2. If i survive the 2x bucks parties tomorrow! ?

    Playing Destiny 2 on PS4 until it comes out on PC so probably that. Might play some Agents of Mayhem as well.

    I plan of finishing off XCom 2 WotC (PC) & then I will probably give destiny 2 a go (PS4)

    Mario and Rabbids mainly though I might run a few missions in Toukiden: Kiwami. I also want to try and keep moving through SMT IV, especially now that Monster Hunter Stories is out (More or less).

    Lots of Destiny 2, surprising no-one. Goal is to get raid-ready before next Friday... Sitting at LL252 atm, so I may have overdone my prep a little. :P

    Hopefully finishing Xcom 2 WotC. I too am looking forward to Cook Serve Delicious 2, next week is ridiculous for games (Divinity OS2, Dishonored DotO and CSD 2), good times.

    Playing some Wrath of the Lich King. What a glorious expansion.

    More stealthy carnage with Dishonored 2. Will require a digital cleanser once completed, so looking toward Life Is Strange : Before the Storm Ep1.

    Mario Rabbids. Brilliant game. I am a complete switch convert.

    More flame in the flood for sure
    Otherwise nothing locked in

    Nothing,,, waiting for destiny 2 on pc or maby the new shadow of mordore game.

    Latest humble bundle was garbage, not looking to install anything from there either.

    Probably will play a few rounds of overwatch and watch youtube.

    Everybody’s Golf, a bit of Destiny 2, and a whole lot of Bojack.

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