What Should Australia's Space Agency Be Called?

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At the start of this week the Federal Government announced that it was announcing that Australia, finally, was going to have a space agency of its own. So for this week's Off Topic, there could only be one question.

Let's name the Australian version of NASA.

If you were the Science Minister for the country, and you were reviewing or coming up with all the potential acronyms and ocker puns for our space-faring plans, what would you decide?

I did a quick poll of the office, and they came back with some, er, ideas:

  • ASS (presumably Australian Space ... something)
  • SpaceY (you know, like Kevin)
  • ASSA (Australian Space and Science Agency?)
  • Get It Up Ya Space Bureau (also known as Gee-Up)

So, go on. What would you call Australia's space agency?

Update: Some other crackers have come in from colleagues:

  • Yonder Exploration Australia Headquarters (YEAH) - So that when we had a USA base we'd call it the Yonder Exploration Australia Headquarters, North American Headquarters (YEAH, NAH)
  • Bureau of Australian Space Travel And Research Department (BASTARD)
  • Australian Regional Space Exploration Department (ARSED)


    Tell em he's dreaming Space Agency.

      The Castle is a fuckin good movie

    NBN - Nothing to do with space but hell, at this stage we've spent enough time and money to get there.

    A space station made out of an existing network of copper wires would save time and money!

      Surely there's some way we can bring coal into the equation?

    Bureau of Rockets, UFOs, and Celestial Exploration. AKA B.R.U.C.E.

      As a Bruce, should I be offended, Please or sue?. Or do all Bruce get a job for life? But well done Bruce casual.

    Well NASA stands for Never A Straight Answer, so something different would be nice.

    Due to the thumbnail I wanted to say the "geriatrics", but Prolix's Bruce is good too

    This news was actually amusing to me because back in high school in the 90s I wrote a sci-fi story that had a space research facility located in Australia, and now I see it actually happening for real.

    ANSA - Australian National Space Agency

    Spacial Telemetric Rocketry Australian aerodYnamic Administration



      They need a headquarters, like Huston, right?
      Command Unit, Northern Territory
      S.T.R.A.Y.A - C.U.N.T
      I'm sorry, my inner bogan isn't so inner, tbh.

    Australian Committee for UFOs and Star Travel, AKA A.C.U.*.T.

    Australian Bureau Of 'Got Astronauts Now'

    "A BOGAN has announced new plans to launch the first Bunnings Banga to the ISS."

    Would it not be a Department instead of an agency? Department of Space Science and Industry?

    Well, using the age-old Australian technique of grafting an '-o' on the end of any name, e.g. Jacko, Jimbo, etc, I present the National Australian Space Organization, N.A.S.O.

    I'd just like to say that in year 12, my final oral presentation was an argument for why Australia should have a space agency. This was three years ago.

    I'm not saying that this is because of me... but you're welcome.

    Malcolm's Aerospace Transportation Endeavour

    Spacey McSpaceface

    Department of Interstellar and Cosmic Knowledge and Bureau of Australian Long-ranged Lightspeed Statistics.

      The name is a bit long. If only it could be shortened to something easier get your mouth around...

        No sane, red-blooded aussie bloke would want his Department of Interstellar and Cosmic Knowledge reduced in any way, unless he was so over-staffed that it was a critical safety issue...

          Maybe if it merged with the Sydney National Aeronautics Team for Cosmic Help it would ease the overstaffing.

          I'm sure there's a Melbourne or Perth equivalent that could lend a hand as well.

    'Astra Australis' if you wanted a legit answer.

    'Ministry Of Rocketry & Orbital Navigation' if you wanted comedy.

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