What's The Best Tea?

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There's a lot of tea drinkers in every office, and lots of different kinds of tea. People have their preferences, and that's what I want to explore for this week's Off Topic.

Our local data analyst is the King of Earl Grey. Mark's a freak for green tea, until someone tricks him into smashing cans of Coke Zero. When I'm not slamming five shots of coffee, I quietly enjoy chamomile tea or a special blend called Buddha's Tears.

(Put another way: coffee to wake me up, teas to calm me down. I'm sure some part of this is healthy.)

There's very few offices that don't have tea or coffee around, and the rise of T2 and other botique sellers means there's a lot more blends available than there was a couple of decades ago.

So, tell us. What's the best tea - or at the very least, what are your go-to teas?


    Western tea: Russian Caravan or Earl Grey
    Eastern tea: Oolong, Pu'er or plain old Jasmine.

    I quietly enjoy chamomile tea


    That stuff is delicious. And naturally slightly sweet too.

    I'm not a fan of black teas, too much aluminium and tannin. I usually go for a few good green teas a day.

    I like a good Earl Grey, but actually prefer Lady Grey.

      I feel like this is some kind of classy joke that I'm not fancy enough to understand.

    I'm mostly a coffee drinker (yeap, I'm a textbook programmer).

    But when it comes to tea, I like me some Lemon and Ginger tea. I sometimes even use it to bring my heart burn under control.

    Other than that, some Micha when I find the time to make it. And yes, I use the power variety.

      *powder variety.

      Seriously, we need a better way to keep bots out as editing dumb mistakes is becoming impossible.

    I enjoy black tea (with milk), something i can dip my Kingstons into.

    But i will drink any tea, strangest i've tried was Lapsang souchong, was nice and smokey, drink it without milk.

      +1 for Black Tea, white and one :) Great for biscuits

      I had a beer flavoured with Lapsang Souchong once, it was sensational.

    Silver Needles white tea for me!
    It's not as painful to drink as it sounds.

    dilmah extra strength brewed for half an hour

    Twinings Orange pekoe with a splash of milk.

    Usually its green tea, jasmine and then any of the flavoured ice teas or those bubble tea varieties.

    Provided you dont ruin the tea by adding milk into it however I'm usually happy to drink most tea.

    Tbh tho you should treat tea a little like wine and beer, by having the right tea for the right occasion/meal.

    My absolute favourite is Masala Chai from an Indian restaurant.

    But at home or work, usually peppermint tea or lemon and ginger.

    I like all the tea.

    When I'm feeling a little off, green tea is the best thing in the world.
    When I need a pick me up, just a standard English breakfast.
    When I need to calm down at the end of the day, a milky chai.

    I also really like the bubble tea places that are popping up all over the place. Got me into liking matcha tea, and those tapioca pearls are delicious!

    The best tea is the kind you just call "Tea". Usually about 11am, and is best served by Grandma with a packet of Arnotts Classic Assorted on standby.

    Nothings more satisfying than to drink matcha at work, close my eyes and think back to the time I had it in Japan. It's funny how a particular flavour can bring back a memory so vividly.

    Yerba Mate if I need a bit of a pick me up, or even some Rooibos, too. Assam bold also makes the morning rotation.
    Nuwara Eliya [Lovers Leap] is very nice to drink.

    But you generally can't go wrong with some English Breakfast.

    And most importantly in all tea: always black, no milk or sugar.

    Green tea especially with jasmine. Sleepy teas are great too, especially with lavender. Buddha's tears is soooo good but I can't stand T2 anymore.. they're over priced and you're essentially paying extra for the nice colours and someone to ask you 3 times if you need anything. Oriental Teahouse have some great teas, they're pricey but better value.

    There's a small place in my hometown that does a blend of spicy chai. That with a bit of honey and no milk goes down beautifully every time.

    Otherwise, the most garish bubble tea I can find.

    I usually only drink coffee but if I'm fighting a stomach bug or just drank too much the night before then I can't go past a strong cup of Rooibos tea.

    Best thing in the world for an upset stomach in my opinion though I may be biased due to my South African heritage

    + 1 for Buddha's Tears, that stuff is the bomb.

    I'm a pretty big fan of Gorgeous Geisha, which is a T2 green tea blend with dried strawberries. Otherwise you can't go past good old Tetley Extra Strong.

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